Leyard: The growth rate of the entire virtual reality sector has increased in the third quarter

Securities Times e company news, Leyard said in the institutional research that the concept of the metaverse has been relatively popular in the past two years, and we have indeed seen that the demand for NP’s optical motion capture technology and products has increased since last year. Last year, NP company also encountered the problem of insufficient supply chain. It was difficult for us to obtain NP products in China for almost seven or eight months. The reason was that some large international suppliers they cooperated with could not provide raw materials on time and in quantity, so It also caused the NP company not to take too many orders, but this problem has been solved one after another since September this year, so it can be seen that the growth rate of the entire virtual reality sector in the third quarter has actually increased. At present, the market’s expectations and investment in the future of Metaverse have led to the gradual implementation of some new demands. Therefore, we believe that whether it is an NP company or a domestic virtual dynamic company, the future development trend of them is still relatively good.