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oral cavity

like a small class

Gums is a labor committee. To ensure a good clean and hygienic condition of the oral cavity; the teeth are members of each class, and they obediently gather around the monitor of the tongue, and cooperate with the monitor to complete the pronunciation;

Saliva is a living committee. Adhesion mobilizes the function of each member to chew. The palate and the bottom of the mouth are the entertainment committee. Full of romantic artistic cells, it shoulders the responsibility of building the oral cavity into an existing shape.

Of course, they all obey the head teacher – the brain. The various innervating and perceiving nerves branched out of the brain become the group leader of the oral class, responsible for transmitting messages and instructions between the class teacher and class members.

Repeatedly, they make up our daily lives, bringing joy and happiness to their owners.


root canal treatment

like chasing a girlfriend

Follow the procedure step by step, and you will always be able to get it right; start from opening the marrow, knock on the other’s atrium; slowly lift the top, and enter the other’s heart;

Prepare well to the established form, get acquainted with each other, master the secrets and small fortunes of her psychology, and know every ounce of her;

Don’t miss the meticulous flushing, just as her scars and past need you to smooth and wash with romantic and delicate love;

Fill the root canal with your thoughtfulness like a paste, and then firmly supplement it with spiritual and material patient filling.

When every root canal is filled perfectly, it will naturally enter the marriage stage: burn off the excess gutta percha, fill or repair the tooth.

But why is there still so much love difficult to find belonging? That is of course, the calcified root canal cannot be unblocked, even if seventy-two changes are made, it will not be able to capture the heart of Yiren!



like a close friend who accompanies forever

When you are injured and exposed, it silently fills the loopholes and stimulates your own fighting spirit. Although it takes your own time, it allows you to use your own will to survive the difficulties and recover as before.

When everyone tells you, what hope is there to wear on the bottom and on the side! You are not saved, wait for the removal and give up on yourself!

It will put down its body, sacrifice its physical strength to accompany you, fill your pain, and soothe your heart until your wound is completely calcified, and it is a hero again.

At this point it has already become a part of you, just like true acquaintances, a certain degree of tacit communion in the soul – you are in him, and he is also in you.


(MTA is a root canal filling agent used in root canal therapy in the department of stomatology. The filling effect is good, and it is also good after healing. It is often used to repair lateral penetration during pulp opening.)


Local infiltration, blocking anesthetics

like phantom sweet words

Even if you are strong-willed, the only difference between you and someone with weak willpower is the dose. In a matter of minutes, you will be shot and paralyzed in minutes, and your nerves will be soaked in sweet self-expansion.

Continuous injections for a long time will make the nerves feel less stimulation and damage from the outside world, while short-term touts can relieve pain and soothe heartache.

Just like being a human being, you need white lies to cover your pain, but you cannot live in false perceptions for a long time. Being too late is certainly not comparable to being too late to stop in time after being satisfied.


impacted wisdom teeth

like unrequited love

You know that it is there, there is no hope but to pull it out to avoid future troubles, but you also know how difficult and hard it is to pull it out.

The feelings for a person have been deeply rooted in the heart, and they are integrated with their own memories, just like the second molar that it hits, and it moves to control the adjacent teeth.

So you clearly perceive the long swelling it brings, but you can’t stop it.


dental implant

like a mature love

After thousands of sails in the world have passed, the gap between a missing tooth, give up the flashy crown and bridge restoration, just because it is not a long-term plan, looks beautiful, but in fact floats on the surface. In the case of time, it is easy to break the porcelain and leave you outside the warranty period.

I understand more that removable dentures are unreliable like a short-term relationship with frequent replacements, and you need to maintain and clean your heart so as not to get lost in its superficial economic benefits.

Therefore, under the premise of mature thinking, after experiencing short-term pain and surgery-like pursuit and running-in, you slowly combine with another person, be considerate of each other, integrate yourself, let your cells grow into the other’s atrium, and let The reliability of the other party stabilizes your state of mind.

The process of planting and restoration is the longest, but it can accompany you for a lifetime, and you will be happy for a long time.


extract a tooth

Is it the pursuit of dental forceps, or the lack of retention of the gums?

The lingering sorrow that each tooth once had with the alveolar bone will be heartbreaking at the moment when it is clamped by reality, but then leave sadly.

I don’t know if it is self-absorbed, or the alveolar bone shrinks and no longer retains, in any case, it is a thing of the past.