Less than 2 hours after the pre-sale started, orders exceeded 10,000 units. Can it disrupt the domestic MPV market?

Less than 2 hours after the pre-sale started, orders exceeded 10,000 units. Can it disrupt the domestic MPV market?

On the first day of the Guangzhou Auto Show, all major car brands are working hard, eager to quickly catch the attention of consumers. Every car company hopes to display unique products at the show, as the ideal first high-end new energy vehicle. MPV, Ideal MEGA’s performance at the auto show attracted much attention. The new car has officially started pre-sale. In just 1 hour and 42 minutes, the order volume exceeded 10,000 units. The official pre-sale price is set at less than 600,000. , today we will take a look at whether it has the potential to subvert the MPV market?

From a design point of view, the front face design of Ideal MEGA is inspired by the “high-speed rail”. When the vehicle was exposed in the early stage, everyone had mixed reviews for its appearance design. However, after viewing it closely at the Guangzhou Auto Show today, we found that its design has some unique features. Personalized beauty. The lines of the front face remain smooth, gradually tilting forward from the roof and extending to the front apron. There is a star ring light strip under the windshield, the vehicle A-pillar is tilted at a large angle, and the top line is downwardly sloping, making this car’s wind resistance coefficient Very low, but also showing the beauty of elegant lines.

Since the overall silhouette is more like a high-speed train, the side of the Ideal MEGA maintains a relatively square and slender body profile. The roof line slides downwards from the highest point, and the sides gradually retract like the stern of a ship, and are perfectly aligned with the integrated D-pillar. Fusion creates a unique visual look and feel. This design not only sorts out the rear airflow and improves the balance of the wake vortex, but also optimizes the drag coefficient to 0.215Cd, which is even comparable to pure electric sports cars such as Taycan.

The rear part of the Ideal MEGA maintains a square outline design as a whole, but the corners are relatively rounded. There is a slightly convex spoiler structure above the tail window, forming a stronger sense of envelopment and running through The taillights adopt an embedded layout design, and are equipped with a slender light strip structure with multiple short horizontal bars inside. When lit, it can add a stronger sense of science fiction. The bottom of the rear of the car also has an expanded shape, and the bottom is covered The addition of black components and the simplified design also add to the model’s atmospheric temperament.

At this Guangzhou Auto Show, Lideal MEGA did not disclose interior details. But according to previously released official pictures, we can understand that the car will use a central control layout similar to the L series. This car will be equipped with a HUD system, OLED central touch screen, passenger entertainment screen and rear entertainment system to provide passengers with the ultimate entertainment experience. From a size perspective, the ideal MEGA has a body size of 5350*1850*1965mm and a wheelbase of 3300mm. The depth is 680mm in the 7-seater state, the three rows of seats have electric folding functions, and the trunk depth is 1066mm after folding.

In terms of power, Lili MEGA is equipped with a 5C Kirin battery, which can be fully charged in just 12 minutes to give it a cruising range of 500 kilometers. According to official data, the power consumption of Ideal MEGA under CLTC operating conditions is 15.9kWh/100km. Previously, videos circulated on the Internet showed that the ideal MEGA has a maximum peak charging power of 521.59kW and a maximum current of 711.6A. It can charge 50kWh in 7 minutes and 75kWh in 10 minutes. It can charge from 6% to 80% power in just 10 seconds. It takes 11 minutes.

In terms of energy replenishment layout, Li Auto has deployed 119 Li Auto 5C supercharging stations across the country. These supercharging stations adopt a 1+3 layout, that is, each supercharging station is equipped with a 5C charging pile and three charging stations. A 2C charging pile. In the future, these supercharging stations will be gradually upgraded to 2+2 or other more efficient configurations. Li Auto plans to build more than 300 super charging stations by 2023, and this number will exceed 3,000 by 2025. In addition, Li Auto also plans to build more than 300 urban hub stations by 2024, which will cover an area with a radius of 6 kilometers.


The official debut of Ideal MEGA may indicate that Ideal will enter the pure electric field. After all, the three SUVs in the L series are still using extended-range power. The new platform architecture and internal and external design have continued to increase the popularity of Ideal MEGA. Ideal for this car The expectations for the car are also quite high, and it also shows the confidence to make it the number one model with sales of more than 500,000 yuan. Do you like this high-end MPV Ideal MEGA?