Leonor delivered a speech, the typhoon was calm and calm, and the eyes of the king’s old father were full of pride

On October 28, local time, the annual “Princess of Asturias Award” award ceremony was held in Oviedo as scheduled. As the honorary chairman of the “Princess of Asturias Foundation”, Crown Prince Leonor of Spain once again delivered a lively and impassioned speech.

Although it will be 3 days before she turns 17, Nora’s speaking experience is already quite rich. Born in the precarious Spanish royal family, since birth, as the crown prince, Nora has been placed on expectations and high expectations beyond people’s imagination. At a very young age, he has begun to receive various formal and professional crown prince training. When I was 13 years old, I stepped on the podium for the first time. At that time, because I was not tall enough, I had to put a raised stage for the little girl. At that time, although his face was immature and his tone was immature, the little guy’s calmness and calmness still won countless warm applause. In the years that followed, Nora appeared on the stage again and again, and her perfect and passionate speech made people see the infinite power and infinite possibilities contained in this 16-year-old girl.

This year is the third time Nora has stood on the podium at the “Princess of Asturias Awards” ceremony. In clothing, Leonor made himself look as dignified and calm as possible. The chick wore a Michael Kors black and white shirt and leaf print dress, with black mid-heel slingback sandals, her hair was tied into a very retro fancy low bun, and she wore numb Chanel diamond feather earrings on her ears. The elegance and grace that comes out of the bones really make people like it.

Leonor, who has accumulated rich experience, stood on the stage, typhoon was steady and calm, his tone was steady and passionate, and he was as good as any excellent speaker. This calmness and calmness cannot be achieved overnight, and it may be difficult for us to imagine how much effort has been spent behind it.

Interestingly, before giving the speech, the little girl, like her mother who was an announcer, Queen Letizia of Spain, had to tune the microphone with both hands first, and she was too cute to have any friends. Seeing the perfect performance of their daughter, the old father, King Felipe of Spain and mother Letizia, who were sitting on the podium, looked at their daughter with pride and relief.

Last September, Leonor went to Wales to study. During this period, the chick focused on her studies and rarely had the opportunity to appear in the public eye. Every time I go home, I am in a hurry, busy with activities. When other classmates are enjoying a relaxing and comfortable vacation, Nora accompanies her parents to attend various official activities. This time is no exception.

It stands to reason that the various themed events of the “Princess of Asturias Award”, which last for 3 days each year, are usually held in mid-October. This year, in order to accommodate Leonor’s schedule, it had to be pushed to the end of October. It is reported that, just this, Nora also asked the school for two days off. So as soon as I got home, and before I had a good rest, the chick rushed to the market non-stop. Earlier in the day, the family of four also hosted some of this year’s Princess Award winners in the hotel conference hall where Oviedo was staying. Nora wore a black polka-dot tweed suit skirt with black high-heeled shoes, her hair was combed into a half-tie princess style, and she wore a pair of drop-shaped diamond earrings, which was gentle and generous. Although she has been dressed a little maturely for two consecutive days, Xiao Nizi’s crown prince Fan Er is firm and full.

Compared with her sister, Princess Sophia has always been outspoken, low-key, and even somewhat casual. However, the radiance of the second princess, who had already appeared slim, couldn’t be hidden even if she wanted to. In the past two days, Suo Mei was really outstanding. Although Xiao Nizi wanted to keep a low profile, her appearance was too outstanding, especially that she inherited the perfect body proportions of her parents. Although only 15 years old, Sofia in flat heels is already half an inch taller than Letizia in high heels.

When attending the theme concert on the first day, Sophia wore a blue-green dress from The Are with silver diamond slingback flats. The irregular skirt not only perfectly shows the little girl’s enviable long legs, but also adds a unique liveliness and cuteness to her. On the same day, Leonor also unlocked the suit in a rare way. Barbie’s pink suit jacket is paired with wide-leg pants and slingback high-heeled shoes of the same color. A golden wave naturally hangs on her shoulders, and she holds a black clutch bag. She is really capable and intellectual; Let the little girl have a touch of feminine softness and charm. Although the overall shape looks a bit mature, considering her status as the crown prince, this “according to the times” is also commendable.

When receiving the winners, Sophie wore an irregular dress with black and white stripes. Rarely, she put on high-heeled shoes. Her hair was naturally draped over her shoulders. She had the youthful vigor of her peers and the faintness of a little woman. grace. The 15-year-old princess is fresh and elegant like a lotus waiting to bloom. At the awards ceremony, Xiao Suo put on a royal blue sequined dress, matched with high heels of the same color, and her hair was combed into a half-tie princess style. While the atmosphere was gentle, it did not lose the liveliness and candidness of a little girl.

Because it is her daughter’s home court, in addition to being very dazzling when she attended the Princess Award-themed concert, for the two events on the second day, Lai Queen dressed up relatively low-key, willing to be her daughter’s green leaves. At the awards ceremony, Xiao Lai wore a black and white petaled long skirt of Carolina Herrera with black mid-heel shoes. The shoulder-packed design concealed Letizia’s fit and powerful slender arms, as well as the ankle skirt. Covering her straight and slender bird legs, her hair is also pulled into a low bun, elegant and low-key; all the limelight is left to her two daughters, too, with such two cute little padded jackets, her heart is already full. To the extreme, why care about a flash of glitz.


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