Lenovo released the Qianfan plan to provide exclusive support for first- and third-tier market dealers, etc.

Blue Whale TMT Channel, October 28th, today Lenovo released the Qianfan plan, which aims to create a more open system. The plan provides exclusive service provider support, capability growth empowerment, and efficient digital operation platform for first- and third-tier market dealers and service providers. Wait.

The Qianfan plan is a specific measure for Lenovo’s key customer business to promote customer-centric transformation 3.0. The release and implementation of the plan will attract more registered partners and open partners to join, thereby forming a more open channel ecological win-win system. More than 8,000 partners have joined the program in the past two months.

Wang Liping, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of the major customer business group in China, said that Lenovo will promote the digital iterative update of channels through product empowerment, technology empowerment, marketing empowerment and management empowerment. Partners who register and join the Qianfan plan through Lenovo channels will receive support from the above four levels. In the future, the plan will increase investment to strengthen the win-win cooperation between Lenovo and partners in the primary and third-tier markets.

According to reports, Lenovo’s major customer business will promote the implementation of the three-year strategy in the second half of the 2022/23 fiscal year, and build a ToB business customer management platform and hardware + platform + software + service business model in China, covering Internet services, manufacturing, telecommunications, Market segments such as finance and education.