Lenovo Group’s monthly increase of 12.82%, the high-tech real economy ushered in a golden development period

In the last trading week of October, Hong Kong stocks once showed a counter-attack from the bottom. The Hang Seng Technology Index rose by more than 8%, and there was a very strong reversal attitude in sentiment.


Among them, Lenovo Group has risen strongly. The October range has increased by 12.82% so far, and its share price has broken through the 6 yuan mark and closed at 6.16 yuan. In terms of capital, the southbound capital recorded an increase in holdings for 8 consecutive days, and the proportion of Hong Kong stocks rose to 2.65%.


Although the market adjusted slightly again on Friday, the mood became optimistic. Haitong Securities believes that the current Chinese positions of overseas investors are very low, once a consensus is formed on the optimism of China. Funds will strengthen themselves and become the next bull market.


For investors, China has become a value investment market with stable returns. Now many Hong Kong stocks have a dividend return of more than 8%, reflecting this expectation. In particular, Hong Kong stocks are at the bottom or bottom area.


If this logic is established, the only beneficiaries are export-oriented manufacturing companies, and funds will no longer flow to high-return industries such as real estate and the Internet, but to low-ROE and long-term manufacturing .


On the other hand, from the data point of view, from January to July 2022, among the nine countries and regions with the highest manufacturing added value, my country’s manufacturing added value has the highest growth rate, and the growth rate in July 2022 is higher than that at the end of 2021. was 2.07%. In the context of high global energy prices, the changes in the added value of manufacturing in various countries are negatively correlated with external energy dependence.


In the context of high global inflation, my country’s manufacturing industry has maintained a relatively stable growth. By July 2022, the added value of my country’s manufacturing industry accounted for 30.78% of the global share, an increase of 0.32 percentage points from the end of 2021; the global share of the added value of the US manufacturing industry increased by 0.13 percentage points; The global share has declined to varying degrees. In fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the proportion of the added value of my country’s manufacturing industry in the world has continued to increase, accounting for 28.94% in 2019, 30.08% in 2020, and 30.45% in 2021. It reflects the resilience and competitiveness of my country’s manufacturing industry.


Looking ahead, against the backdrop of resilient global inflation and the impact of geopolitical friction on the energy pattern, my country’s manufacturing industry is expected to continue its advantages. In the long run, green transformation and technological innovation will continue to improve the competitiveness of my country’s manufacturing industry.


Taking Lenovo Group as an example, as a typical manufacturing company, Lenovo has developed a “research-production” in the manufacturing field with the best practices in the past 38 years and new IT technologies covering all elements of “device-edge-cloud-network-intelligence”. “Supply-sales-service” has achieved full-chain intelligence and has become an industry model for the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry.


In solving scenario applications, Lenovo continues to accelerate the digitalization and innovative layout of the supply chain. For intelligent manufacturing application scenarios, Lenovo has cultivated “eighteen martial arts”, that is, it has many unique intelligent technologies and solutions in intelligent production scheduling, production equipment management, supply chain management, 5G intelligent environment and other application scenarios . In terms of production, Lenovo relies on edge computing to assist production management systems to meet the needs of many edge computing scenarios, and solve problems such as automated inspection, equipment management, and visual inspection of production lines; in terms of production scheduling, Lenovo’s production planning and scheduling The system uses an advanced computing engine, combined with the supply chain data center and data intelligent analysis, under the complex conditions of multi-task and multi-constraint, by balancing various production resources, and giving the optimal production plan at different production bottleneck stages.


At the same time, Lenovo Group has been deeply engaged in the intelligent manufacturing industry for a long time, and has built an industrial cluster centered on its own industrial collective. It is a leading “chain master” enterprise in the industry. At the same time, Lenovo also has a mature supply chain ecosystem. Take Lenovo’s Hefei intelligent manufacturing base as an example. As the world’s largest personal computer manufacturing and R&D base, “Lianbao Technology” is a national intelligent manufacturing demonstration base and Lenovo’s largest PC R&D and manufacturing base in the world, with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan. . One out of every eight computers in the world is produced here. On average, more than 8,000 orders are processed every day, of which 80% are personalized products with a single order of less than 5 units, providing support to meet the product needs of different regions and different orders. . $Lenovo Group(00992)$ 




Source of this article: Financial Report Network