“Legend of Fangge” is elegantly launched, come to the mobile game “Heavenly Mandate” to play Othello!

In the world of black and white, the cruel chess game is about to begin, and only the final winner can wear the crown of honor. The new fashion of “Tianyu” mobile game “Legend of Fangge” is gorgeously launched! Who will win the final victory, the glamorous Her Majesty the Queen, the heroic knight and the noble princess? Clear the fog and let us watch together This rose-colored chess game.

The black veil caressed the woman’s calm face, and dots of starlight dotted the hem of her skirt.

With her graceful cross staff, she wants to climb to the top!

“No one will doubt the supreme me!

Wearing silver armor, wearing a cross crown, pure white cloak fluttering in the wind.

The knight is about to embark on a journey to protect his beloved.

“I would like to be her sword and shield.”

Layers of tulle silhouetted against her hair, and the fluffy skirt showed her nobility

Young princess, how to win the game?

“As long as I’m alive, I won’t let the world get a little bit of pain!”

Put on this gorgeous “square legend” and participate in this rose-colored chess game! Go to the official website to download the “Heavenly Mandate” mobile game, and let’s take an adventure together!