LeBron James scored in double figures in 1,100 straight games, and Jordan missed more than 200 games

  On October 27th, Beijing time, although the Lakers lost, James continued his record, scoring in double figures for 1,100 consecutive games.

  The Lakers lost to the Nuggets, and James scored 19 points. This is his 1,100th consecutive game in double figures. This is a record that no one has ever done in NBA history.

  For the average NBA player, it is not easy to play 1,100 games, let alone score in double figures.

  Even gods like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant never did it. They had occasional hiccups, and sometimes they left early due to injuries, resulting in not scoring in double figures.

  In second place is Jordan, who has scored in double figures in 866 straight games. James has already surpassed and set his own record. His record is unlikely to be broken.

  The last time James didn’t score in double figures was in 2007. At that time, when playing the Bucks, James played for 42 minutes, but only 3 of 13 shots and only 8 points. Outside of his rookie season, James has only failed to score in double figures twice.

  Judging from the current momentum, James has to continue his record. (Angkor)

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