“League of Tanks”? Germany and the United States announced! Russia alert!

“League of Tanks”? Germany and the United States announced! Russia alert!

German Chancellor Scholz announced on the 25th that Germany will further increase its military support to Ukraine and has decided to provide Ukraine with the “Leopard 2” main battle tank. At the same time, as the producer of the “Leopard” tank, Germany also allows third countries that own the “Leopard” tank to “quickly” provide the tank to Ukraine.

German government spokesman Steffen Heberstreiter pointed out that this is the result of intensive consultations between Germany and its closest European and international partners.

As a first step, Germany will provide a company of “Leopard 2 A6” main battle tanks from the Bundeswehr inventory, a total of 14 vehicles, Hebeschreiter said. Other European countries will also provide Ukraine with “Leopard 2” main battle tanks. In addition, the Ukrainian army will soon begin training in tank operations in Germany. In addition to training, Germany will provide support in logistics, ammunition and system maintenance.

According to German media reports, the decision to supply Ukraine with Leopard tanks marks a major change in the German government’s position. Ukraine and some NATO countries had previously urged Germany to provide the tanks. Scholz has repeatedly emphasized in private recently that unless the United States is willing to provide U.S.-made tanks to Ukraine, Germany will not provide Ukraine with German-made tanks, nor will it allow third parties to transfer German-made tanks to Ukraine.

On the same day, Scholz defended Germany’s decision to provide Ukraine with “Leopard 2” main battle tanks in the Bundestag. He said Germany would not make decisions alone on military support for Ukraine. Germany is acting on the principle of avoiding an escalation of the situation into a confrontation between NATO and Russia, while supporting Ukraine as much as possible.

Scholz also pointed out that Germany will not provide fighter jets to Ukraine, send combat troops, and will not set up a no-fly zone in Ukraine, and this position will not change.

Responding to some in Germany’s concerns about escalating the situation, Scholz said: “Trust me, trust the federal government. We will ensure that this support continues to be possible without increasing the risk that our country will go in the wrong direction.”

Russian Embassy in Germany:

Germany’s supply of “Leopard” tanks to Ukraine is extremely dangerous

The Russian embassy in Germany stated on January 25 local time that Germany’s supply of “Leopard” tanks to Ukraine is extremely dangerous and will escalate the conflict to a new level.

According to a report by RIA Novosti on the 24th local time, Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov said on the same day that the current relationship between Russia and Germany is at a “quite low level”. “Not a good sign”.

US announces delivery of 31 main battle tanks to Ukraine

US President Biden announced at the White House on the 25th that the US will provide Ukraine with 31 “M1 Abrams” main battle tanks.

The M1 tank entered service in the 1980s and is the main battle tank of the US Army. The $400 million in military aid will come in the form of military procurement, rather than direct allocations from DoD stockpiles.

Biden said that the number of tanks provided by the United States can equip a battalion of the Ukrainian army. However, it will take time for these tanks to arrive in Ukraine.

Biden also said that the U.S. side will provide spare parts for M1 tanks at the same time, and provide the Ukrainian army with corresponding training on tank operation, maintenance and logistical support as soon as possible.

Earlier in the day, Biden had a call with the leaders of Germany, France, Britain and Italy. Biden revealed that the content of the call discussion was to “continue to coordinate closely and fully support Ukraine.”

Prior to this, Western countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany have successively announced the supply of main battle tanks to Ukraine. This has also raised concerns about the escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Expert: The United States is trying to intensify the conflict between Germany and Russia

Some analysts pointed out that the deeper purpose of the United States is to intensify the conflict between Germany and Russia by sending tanks from Germany to Ukraine.

Du Wenlong, a military expert: If the “Leopard 2” tank has a major advantage over Russian main battle equipment in ground combat operations, and has a major impact and major damage to Russian ground combat forces, the relationship between Germany and Russia will decline in an all-round way. Regardless of whether the conflict between Russia and Ukraine can end, the grievances between the two sides, especially the energy issue, will be re-amplified on the current battlefield. The provision of main ground combat equipment will make the relationship between the two countries unmanageable.

Comprehensive from: China News Agency (Reporter: Ma Xiuxiu and Chen Mengtong), CCTV Finance, CCTV News Client