League of Legends S12 Global Finals: LPL’s only seedling JDG loses 1:3 to T1 in the semifinals

This morning (30th), the League of Legends S12 global finals kicked off the semi-final competition, and the LPL team JDG played against T1. After fierce competition, JDG finally lost 1-3 after winning the first game and was blocked from the final final.

The moment of the game: In the first game, JDG took advantage of the time difference to get the ancient dragon, one wave ended the game, and JDG went to the next city first! The government’s MVP was awarded to JDG.Yagao; in the second game, T1 pushed forward unstoppable and successfully equalized the score! The government’s MVP was awarded to T1.Zeus; in the third game, T1 won Dalong and successfully retained people, and the damage was crushed to complete zero-for-five, and took the lead in getting the match point! The government MVP awarded T1.Gumayusi; in the fourth game, Renata played perfectly, T1 successfully won, congratulations to T1 for successfully advancing to the final! Authority MVP awarded to T1. Keria.

In this year’s S12, JDG played as the top seed of LPL and became the only seed of LPL in the semi-finals. Like the previous S11, three LCK teams “surrounded” an LPL team in the semi-finals of S12.

The inventory is that in S12, the results of LPL teams, JDG final quarterfinals; EDG final eighth; RNG final eighth; TES final sixteenth.

So far, the LPL team has also ended their journey in S12.

It is reported that the second game of the semi-finals of the global finals will be held tomorrow. The match will be between two LCK division teams, DRX and GEN. This also means that the LCK division has locked in the champion and runner-up of the League of Legends S12 global finals ahead of schedule. The League of Legends S12 World Championship will be held on November 6 at the Chase Center Arena in San Francisco, California, USA.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Lei

Source: Client of Beijing Youth Daily