League of Legends S12 Global Finals: JDG loses to T1 and stops in the semi-finals, LCK locks in the championship and runner-up in advance

IT House News on October 30th, today, the League of Legends 2022 Global Finals ushered in the first game of the semifinals. JDG, the No. 1 seed in the LPL division, lost to T1, the No. 2 seed in the LCK division, with a score of 1-3, and stopped in the semi-finals . The latter will meet the winners of DRX and GEN for the final.

In the last game of the day, in 7 minutes, JDG Pig Girl walked out and cooperated with the bottom team to kill Renata; in 9 minutes, JDG Hedao tried to open a team and played three for two to win the pioneer, and knocked down a tower. ; 18 minutes, JDG opened a group in the middle, and the opponent played a big move to control the chain and lost the team battle; 23 minutes, T1 won the water dragon soul and pushed forward, and JDG could not deal with the water dragon soul.

IT House understands that the second game of the semi-finals of the global finals will be held tomorrow. The match will be between two LCK regional teams, DRX and GEN. This also means that the LCK division has locked the champion and runner-up of the League of Legends S12 global finals ahead of schedule .

Additionally, the League of Legends 2022 World Championship finals will take place on November 6 at the Chase Center Arena in San Francisco, California, USA .