League of Legends S12 champion AI prediction analysis chart, RNG exceeds 51%, and GEN is the runner-up in both cases

Hello everyone, the S12 season is coming to an end. I believe that the vast majority of players have paid attention to the recent confrontation. With the end of the group stage, the eight teams participating in the knockout round have all been generated. During the rest time of these few days, the eight teams have more or less some problems, especially several teams in the lpl division. Famous players are sick, this is definitely a very severe test for the LPL division. The Rng team did not achieve very good results in the second round because of illness. In the past two days, an AI prediction has become popular. In the data published by a blogger, the rng team can be seen. With a 51.6% chance of winning the title, Gen was the runner-up in both cases.

S12 champion AI prediction analysis chart is on fire

I believe that the vast majority of players are still very concerned about the S12 season. As the highest league of the League of Legends, the confrontation in the World Championship is very exciting every year. In the past few years, the overall comprehensive strength of the lpl division has improved rapidly, and it has won three world championships. Some players even think that the lpl division has surpassed the lck division and become the world’s first division. This time, a total of four teams in the lpl division participated. With the end of the group stage confrontation, the tes team was also completely eliminated due to their performance mistakes. Although they encountered bugs in the game, Riot officials did not give any positive response. , and it is impossible to rematch because of this bug. If it is restarted, the later impact will be too great.

During the off-season, everyone is still very concerned about the major professional players, especially the players in the lpl division. Due to illness, the rng team did not perform very well in the second round, so that the gen team gave a double. Killed, failed to get the first place in the group. At the same time, before the start of the game, the JDG team also had some problems, and the Riot official did not make any adjustments to the knockout stage, which means that the next game will be held as scheduled, and the game will not be played because the players are sick. Delayed, so that the ensuing confrontation is full of uncertainties.

As the game draws near, an AI prediction chart is also on fire. Through the analysis of big data and various training games, a player AI predicted the world championship. In the top eight confrontation, the jd g team and the rng team stood out in the first half, the edg team and the gen team met in the second half, and the final final was staged by the rng team and the jd g team. In the end, the rng team won the world championship The champion of the competition reached 51.6%, while the gen team only had 48.4%. This data also shows that the rng team will basically win the trophy of this year’s World Championship.

After that, the player also added the problem of being sick. Subsequently, the AI ​​prediction reversed, and the Rng team and the edg team were seriously affected. They would be directly defeated in the first round of the knockout. The JDG team and the gen team meet in the finals. In the end, the jd g team will win the world championship. This also means that in this AI prediction, the rng team and the jd g team will become the two strongest teams in this world championship. After all, no matter what factors are added, they will defeat the gen team in the final. The player also said that the AI ​​prediction has a certain basis, but it cannot be fully believed, and various data need to be added to improve it.

Gamer thinks

In previous world competitions, there have been precedents of successful AI predictions, so a large number of players in the lpl division still have some recognition for AI predictions. This time, many players in the LPL region are quite happy. After all, the teams in the LPL region will win the world championship no matter what. To be honest, in my opinion, the strength of the gen team is better this year, especially after the teams in the lpl division are affected by the illness, the probability of winning the championship will drop sharply.

What do you guys think about this? Comments welcome.