Le Yiling’s ex-husband was rumored to have died. The cause of death is unknown. His son once posted a document accusing his father of destroying the family

On the evening of May 26th, bad news broke out in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. TVB executive Le Yiling’s ex-husband Chen Junyi (Brian) was killed. The news came from the alumni circle of Chen Junyi’s alma mater La Salle Middle School, but the cause of death is unknown.

Chen Junyi is not a person in the entertainment industry, so the outside world knows little about him, and it is difficult to find specific information about him from the official platform. But based on Le Yiling’s age, he should be over sixty years old.

In response to this matter, Hong Kong media reporters called Le Yiling to inquire, but the other party’s phone was never connected.

It is reported that Le Yiling and her ex-husband Chen Junyi got married in 1993. They had two sons after marriage, and their married life is happy.

Le Yiling had a high evaluation of Chen Junyi before. At that time, the two were still in the sweet stage. The woman once praised her husband as a gift from God, and praised Chen Junyi as gentle, considerate, with a career foundation, and also very smart and romantic. very healthy.

In short, in Le Yiling’s eyes, Chen Junyi is the most “perfect” man in the world.

However, behind this marriage that is envied by the outside world is full of bitterness, and the couple is often rumored to be in crisis in their marriage.

In 2004, Le Yiling traveled to Phuket Island with her mother, two sons, sister and other family members.

But no one thought that this trip abroad almost made them say goodbye to the world. Phuket Island suffered a serious natural disaster that year, and their family happened to meet it.

This trip to Phuket Island, Chen Junyi did not accompany him on the pretext of being busy with work, but he was always worried about his family after learning the news as he was far away in Hong Kong. Unable to get in touch with Le Yiling, Chen Junyi was anxious and irritable. He didn’t feel relieved until he learned that his family was safe. It was this accident that warmed up the relationship between the couple.

However, in recent years, Chen Junyi has been repeatedly exposed to being unfaithful to his relationship. According to the media, he made friends with a young woman, and the appearance of a third party also made the relationship between the couple take a turn for the worse.

Around 2017, Le Yiling was revealed to have divorced Chen Junyi, and the man married a new lover and suspected of starting a new family. It is reported that the reason for their divorce is that the woman paid too much attention to her career, and her busy work schedule made her neglect her family, so she failed to make her marriage happy.

Le Yiling seldom mentions about her relationship, and the outside world does not know who is right and who is wrong when she divorces Chen Junyi. But their youngest son Ryan once posted on social platforms to accuse Chen Junyi, saying that his father broke up the family.

In order to appease her son, Le Yiling replied to Ryan: There will always be ups and downs in life, and marriage is the same.

The two sons have been living with their mother. Although Le Yiling is a TVB executive, she now pays more attention to the family. Whenever there are important festivals, she will accompany her sons to spend with them.

Not long ago, on Mother’s Day, the two sons prepared beautiful flowers for Le Yiling as gifts. The mother and son spent together in a very warm atmosphere. Le Yiling also shared a group photo on the social platform, praising them for being more sensible when they grow up .

In addition to working and family, as she grows older, Le Yiling also slows down the pace of life, gathering and chatting with friends in the circle from time to time, and her life becomes more and more comfortable.

Now the news of ex-husband Chen Junyi’s death suddenly spread, Le Yilingfang has not responded yet, I don’t know if she has received the news.