LCS players protested collectively, because of a rule of the fist, a large number of players lost their jobs overnight

The news about the e-sports circle has been discussed by many people recently, and I believe everyone has been paying attention to it. Judging from the current situation, the new season is still very exciting. After all, our competition area is now the first competition area. In the next World Championship, I hope our division can win the championship.

We see that the current LPL competition area is in full swing, and the entire competition area is developing at full strength, and it will definitely get better and better in the future, but not all competition areas will vigorously develop e-sports like ours, because some teams do not. If they get good grades, they are likely to give up directly.

For example, after the end of this year’s MSI, the LCS division announced some new news. Recently, the top club in the LCS, TSM, revealed that they will leave the LCS. There is news that they will acquire RNG, but it is not clear whether this news is true, but the LCS does. It’s ready to be smashed.

Recently, LCS players collectively protested. Because of a rule of Riot, a large number of players lost their jobs overnight. The cause of this incident is that Riot agreed that LCS teams can disband their second teams. LCS officials also allow LCS teams to no longer participate. As a result, 7 teams disbanded their second teams at the speed of light.

It is also because of this kind of behavior that a large number of players and coaches of the second teams of the LCS teams are now unemployed, so many people came out to protest collectively. The current contradiction is that the players want the existence of the second team, and the teams feel that the second team cannot be profitable. The first team is also basically at a loss, so they hope to reduce the burden, so the contradiction between the two sides arises.

In fact, the editor was also very surprised after seeing this news, because this behavior of the LCS is tantamount to seeking a dead end. The strength of the competition area is not strong, and the strength of local players needs to be cultivated. An easy place to train newcomers, but they gave up.

As a result, there is only one team of players, and there will be no problems in a short period of time. Once this group of players retires, there will be problems in the entire competition area, which will cause the strength of the competition area to continue to decline. In this way, there will be no sponsors. It is even less profitable. Once there is no profit, it will be more difficult to develop, forming an endless loop, so I really don’t know what they think. Do you have any complaints about this?