“Large power bank” makes camping more elegant

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] “Nikkei Asian Review” recently reported that due to soaring electricity prices and increased demand for natural disaster emergency power, the demand for household power storage equipment in Japan has risen. Japan’s Kyocera Group said that it will deliver annual household power storage equipment. Double the amount. Annual shipments of stationary storage batteries, including household batteries, have grown 50-fold over the past 10 years to 110,000 units, according to the Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association. The number is expected to reach 330,000 by 2030, as the demand for electricity in response to natural disasters increases.

Small size, strong power storage capacity, and most of the “large-scale charging” that can be charged by external solar panels – portable energy storage devices are becoming more and more popular in Japan and Japan. In the event of power outages caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, people can use portable energy storage devices to charge mobile phones, or connect electric lights, small rice cookers and other electrical appliances. According to the iiMedia Research report, it is estimated that by 2026, Japan may become the largest portable energy storage device application market in the field of emergency power consumption, with demand accounting for 28.6% of the global total. Liu Min, who is studying in Tokyo, told the Global Times reporter that if he lives in Japan for a long time in the future, he will buy a portable energy storage device for emergency use.

Be prepared for emergencies. In addition to emergency power consumption, another important application scenario of portable energy storage devices is outdoor activities. According to the iiMedia Research report, it is estimated that by 2026, in the field of outdoor activities, the United States will become the largest market for portable energy storage, accounting for 44.3% of the global demand, followed by China, accounting for 19.2%. According to a report released by the American Outdoor Foundation in September this year, outdoor camping is the current favorite activity of Americans.

Americans usually bring complete equipment for outdoor camping, such as tents, various ingredients, and even small refrigerators. However, many American campsites do not have power supply equipment, and the role of portable energy storage equipment is particularly important. Jerry Goodman, who lives in Seattle, is a camping enthusiast. He told the Global Times reporter that he goes out camping with his family every summer, and portable power is his favorite. “In the past, when I was camping, I could only rely on the bonfire to illuminate at night. Now that I have a portable energy storage device, I no longer have to worry about the camping lights running out of electricity and carrying a lot of heavy batteries.

In China, outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and cycling are on the rise, and people increasingly hope to go deep into nature for a long time and get closer to the mountains and rivers in a more comfortable manner. The demand for electricity in different scenarios during the journey has made portable energy storage devices emerge in the market. Jiang Ping, general manager of the accessories business department of JD’s 3C home appliance business group, told the Global Times reporter that JD’s data shows that the turnover of outdoor power supplies in the first three quarters of this year increased by 350% year-on-year. Xiang Fei, who works in sports, is a travel enthusiast, and camping has become his favorite for the past two years. Xiang Fei is preparing to go in the direction of “senior ALICE”. He told the Global Times reporter that if he camps for a long time in winter, he will consider buying a portable energy storage device to prepare enough power for various small appliances and cooking equipment to keep warm. Xiaofu, who loves fishing, also told the Global Times reporter that he has always wanted to buy a portable energy storage device that can be placed in the car. When staying in the wild for a long time, he can cook, plug in speakers, and even charge office computers.

It can be seen that the market potential of portable energy storage equipment in China and even the world is huge. Interestingly, the iiMedia Research report also shows that China’s mobile energy storage product shipments account for more than 90% of global shipments. The reporter learned that Chinese brands such as Jackery Electric Xiaoer, Boludi, Zhenghao EcoFlow, etc., rank high in the sales rankings of Amazon’s outdoor power supply category and are the leaders in the portable energy storage market. In the future, the growing demand for portable energy storage in various countries may continue to stimulate the development of related industries in China.