Lantu: Exhausted Dongfeng Group’s advantageous resources, but still no blueprint

At the beginning of its birth, Lantu was placed on high expectations by the entire Dongfeng Group. Dongfeng Group hoped that Lantu would be able to concentrate on the advantageous resources of the group and build it into a star brand of the entire group as Hongqi was to FAW.

But Lantu took the wrong step from the beginning. Why do you say that? Because the success of Hongqi lies in the deep historical precipitation, and it has always adhered to its own characteristics during the rise, and has never become a follower of a certain brand; but at the beginning of its birth, Lantu always aimed at the ideal brand, whether in product marketing or motivation. In terms of form, Lantu refers to the ideal brand. This method does make Lantu popular in a short period of time, but it also makes it difficult for Lantu to get rid of the brand image of “ideal follower”.

In the early days of Lantu FREE’s listing, Lantu did make a wave of sales through marketing methods, but when Lantu consumed this wave of consumers who were willing to try early adopters, the following days can be described as appalling. In the first three years of 2022 In the quarter, the cumulative sales volume of Lantu was only about 10,000 units, but the sales target set by Lantu at the beginning of the year was as high as 46,000 units. Even so, the sales of 31,000 vehicles is still an impossible task for Lantu.

So, why did Lantu, which is positioned in the high-end market, encounter such a dilemma? This also starts with the accumulation of Lantu’s own brand. Although the Lantu brand does not have any brand history, the endorsement of Dongfeng Group has made the history of Dongfeng Group the history of Lantu. The crux of the problem is that Dongfeng Group has always been committed to the R&D and sales of economical and practical sedans or SUVs in the passenger car field, and has no involvement in the luxury field. Linked together, it seems that Dongfeng Group has become a burden to Lantu. But this is not the case, because all the advantageous resources of Lantu are given by Dongfeng Group. Dongfeng Group even gave up the head of the family, Dongfeng Fengshen, and put the main energy on Lantu, but Lantu always means that it cannot be helped. .

In fact, the root cause of all this is that the managers in Lantu’s own system cannot adapt to the new force’s communication method, resulting in the brand’s failure to spread the core value that is attractive to users. Because Lantu Chairman You Zheng and General Manager Lu Fang have been working in the traditional automotive field for a long time, the way of thinking is bound to be different from that of the founders of the new forces. Chief Brand Officer), but in our opinion, this approach has little effect, because it is difficult to make changes in a short period of time in the way of thinking and behavior of the main leaders of Lantu, which will also restrict Lantu. key factors in graph development.

If friends have doubts about this, then we can see one or two from the failures that Lantu had previously dealt with Lantu FREE: the Lantu FREE just bought by a car owner was suddenly powered off during driving, and then the direction was lost. , Loss of power, and steering lock caused the vehicle to park in place. Finally, it was found that the reason was that the electronic control of the vehicle itself and the high-voltage relay in the battery pack were damaged, causing the vehicle to malfunction. If this situation is placed on the new power, it will be a classic crisis public relations case that turns the corner into a safe place. The new power will not only solve the problems encountered by consumers, but also make consumers who encounter problems increase their trust in the brand, but Lan Lan In the process of dealing with this matter, Tu hurt the feelings of consumers, reducing Lantu’s few consumers by one more.

In the process of upgrading the 8155 chip in the later stage, Lantu FREE also made consumers not satisfied. The 8155 chip is recognized as a key element of an intelligent cockpit, but Lantu FREE has been unable to carry it. Although an upgrade plan was provided in the later stage, the original price was as high as 12,999 yuan. The way of doing things makes consumers very disgusted.

As for the excellent sales volume of the Dreamer, it was assisted by Dongfeng Group, which attracted more than 90 corporate customers, and only digested the sales of 6,000 units for the Dreamer.

Through these cases, we can intuitively see that Lantu’s behavior is still in the bad competition pattern of bullying customers and relying on the network to digest products many years ago, and this outdated thinking will also greatly restrict Lantu. develop. Although its sedan model chasing light has been launched, the sporty appearance may not be favored by the group company. In fact, if the quality control and energy consumption of the chasing light are more prominent, it may become the darling of the special car market, but more than 30 The starting price of 10,000 has persuaded quite a few friends, and quality control is not Lantu’s strength. In this price range, even if you go to the luxury brand camp, there are still many alternatives to choose from.

​Uncle Che summary

From the current point of view, the road to high-end Lantu has no blueprint at all, although it consumes a lot of resources of Dongfeng Group. The rigid thinking of the leadership is the main reason; but the lack of uniqueness in the use of its products is also fatal, because unique product experience is often the core product element of luxury brands, while Lantu currently does not Not available, so from the current point of view, the future of Lantu will be difficult.