Laier Technology was approved to set up a sub-station of post-doctoral scientific research station

Our reporter Li Yucheng

On October 28, the official WeChat account of Lyle Technology showed that recently, with the approval of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee and the Foshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Lyle Technology was approved to set up a postdoctoral research station substation.

Lier Technology said that the establishment of post-doctoral workstations will help the introduction and training of high-end talents, and at the same time, it can further promote the scientific research and development, technological progress and product innovation of Lyer Technology.

It is understood that the post-doctoral research station sub-station of Laier Technology will start from the cutting-edge research and development topics that lead the technological innovation of the industry, take advantage of the unique advantages of talents and innovation highlands, and expand, lead, and drive the level of scientific research work by expanding the field of innovation and technological innovation. Improve, focus on new energy vehicles, energy storage, 3C products and other fields, continue to invest in the research and development of carbon foil, carbon nanotubes, LED flexible circuit boards and other products, promote the development of the entire industry chain, improve innovation efficiency, and enhance the core competition of enterprises power to accelerate the development of enterprises.

(Editor Zhang Yupeng Shangguan Monroe)