La Koradior 10-year classic art exhibition lights up Shanghai and pays tribute to folk art revival

La Koradior’s “Ten Years Classic Tour and Haute Couture Art Exhibition” creates a quiet purple space, conveying the brand’s luxurious and romantic style. The exhibition design draws inspiration from La Scala, approaching this “mysterious pocket opera house”, in the changing architectural structure, through the three-dimensional modeling and musical emotion, immersively appreciate the high-end exhibition, feel the luxurious and timeless style of La Cote charm.

Folk Renaissance, Classic Tour

La Koraidor La Koraidor’s “Ten Years of Classic Tour and Haute Couture Art Exhibition” starts from the revival of folk art. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the brand, it presents selected haute couture art dresses. Art to Chinese traditional culture, showing the rich inspiration of the Lakoti Folk Renaissance.

Rare flower and bird series dress

La Koradior’s 10th anniversary special presentation – rare flower and bird haute couture dresses, which have been highly praised and sought after by the public since their debut in the Folk Renaissance show. This exhibition is one of the selection of haute couture dresses, which was displayed in the exhibition among. Rare flower and bird haute couture dresses draw inspiration from the style of Qianlong pastel porcelain, and through exquisite craftsmanship such as three-dimensional beading, three-dimensional nailing flowers and three-dimensional embroidery sequins, it took 240 hours to create with ingenuity, integrating Chinese and Western artistic beauty and The brand flower Phalaenopsis makes the whole haute couture dress full of Chinese beauty of “hundred birds facing the phoenix” and “hundred flowers blooming”.

Symphony classic dress series

La Koradior’s 10th anniversary special offering of the Symphony Mermaid cape dress shines at the exhibition. The dress took 1080 hours to cast with exquisite craftsmanship. 10188 Swarovski elements are exquisitely decorated on the butterfly orchid lace. Glittering under the lights, it presents the brand’s noble and gorgeous high-order beauty. The Symphony classic cape dress also uses Swarovski elements to interpret the classic Lakoti cape silhouette, outlines the graceful figure, and continues the classic legend.

A Decade of Pictures-Classic Cape Skirt Series

Taking “10” as a clue, La Koradior presents 10 classic cape skirts inspired by the folk art revival. The interpretation of sensual, luxurious and romantic styles is turned into a mystery of inspiration. A wonderful moment, a tribute to the 10th anniversary of La Koradior.

Moments of ten years, freeze-frame classics

On October 22, 2022, the main event day of La Koradior’s “Ten Years of Classics Tour and Haute Couture Art Exhibition” was grandly opened. At the event site, many brand SVIPs and fashionistas all came to the scene to witness the beauty of Chinese and Western luxury in the brand’s haute couture art release show and the splendid moment of the brand’s 10th anniversary.

At the event site of “Ten-Year Classic Tour and Haute Couture Art Exhibition”, La Koradior “moved” La Koradior Night – Folk Renaissance Show to the scene, bringing a beautiful oriental scene to the audience. The art show allows guests to perceive the brand’s classic heritage and high-definition feelings under the combination of gorgeous dresses and wonderful release shows.

Collection of wonderful art, classic and timeless

La Koradior’s “Ten Years of Classic Tour and Haute Couture Art Exhibition” will bring the inheritance of ingenious craftsmanship and La Koradi’s luxury and elegance, slowly unfolding the classic story of the brand, showing the haute couture of the revival of the folk art picture scroll.

In the future, La Koradior will create more art collections in Chinese and Western aesthetics, depicting Chinese and Western beauty on fashion, making haute couture art shine, and making classics timeless, so stay tuned!