Kunming skin management join: what is the biological clock of skin beauty? How to care?

  What is the skin care biological clock? In real life, many people have the habit of skin care. Most people use various skin care products, but sometimes they have no effect. This is because the skin care biological clock is ignored. Then, skin beauty What is the biological clock? How to care?

  Early morning skin care focus: wake up and reduce swelling. Cleansing is the first step to awakening your skin, so apply warm water to your skin to wake up your skin cells from sleep. Be sure to use a mild cleanser, because oil, sweat and dust floating in the air adhere to the surface of the skin, and it is not easy to clean with water. In the morning, it is easy to find that there is slight edema in the eyes and even the whole face. These are due to the slow lymphatic circulation and cannot absorb too much water. At this time, you can use a small ice pack or discarded tea bag to lightly apply the skin around the eyes to allow the skin to quickly drain moisture. Afterwards, be sure to use an eye cream with a firming effect to gently massage the skin around the eyes to enhance blood circulation and tighten the skin. The morning maintenance should deal with the pressure on the skin throughout the day, focusing on the protection of the skin.

  Skin care focus in the morning: moisturizing and moisturizing the skin all day long. Moisturizing the skin is the beauty homework of the whole morning, especially pay attention to details such as the T-zone, the eye area and the corners of the lips. Just using lotion will make the skin drier, because when the lotion evaporates, it will take the moisture out of the bottom layer of the skin. And skin care products that are too oily, without the help of water molecules through the stratum corneum, are easy to stay on the surface of the skin, and the penetration may not be so good. Therefore, when you are carrying out the water replenishment action, remember to “water first, then seal the oil”. At the same time, try to keep the indoor air as smooth as possible and ensure the humidity in the air. Due to the increased rate of skin metabolism and enhanced skin resistance, some hair removal or thorn beauty programs can be carried out during this time period.

  Noon skin care focus: Antioxidant and massage to decompress the skin. Skin is at its most fragile and stressful times of the day. At this time, a large amount of nutrients will not be absorbed, and it is best to do a good job of protection. Choose a sunscreen product that contains antioxidants such as vitamin E or vitamin B for a touch-up, which can prevent skin oxidation while protecting. At this point, gently massage the skin with your fingertips for a few minutes. Press deeply for 5 seconds on the temples, inner corners of the eyes, the sides of the nose, and under the corners of the mouth, and then gently lift. And with deep breaths that exhale as you press down and inhale as you lift.

  Afternoon skin care focus: take a mask to nourish the skin. To replenish nutrients to the skin, the most convenient at this time is to apply a mask. The mask allows the skin to absorb nutrients in a closed state, so as to achieve a good skin care effect. Note that when using the cotton mask, it must be attached to the facial skin from bottom to top, and gently press with your fingers. At this time, you can also go to a professional beauty agency for maintenance according to the needs of your skin.

  Key points of skin care at night: It is enough to do a good job of cleaning and basic maintenance, and do not do intensive care such as masks. Use makeup remover lotion or makeup remover to remove dirt from the skin, and use toner for a second cleanse. Toners containing natural extracts can form an invisible protective film on the skin surface to block external stimuli and reduce sensitivity. From 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm, it will enter into the evening maintenance state. This time is a good time for the skin to absorb nutrients and relax. During this period, if you have not done your skin cleansing homework, you should hurry up. Night cream and essence should also be replenished in time after cleansing, so that the skin can add enough moisture and nutrients before sleep.

  Nighttime skin care focus: Use a high-nutrient night cream and lip balm to strengthen the skin’s repairing power. Skin is very absorbent of skin care products. Use a nourishing, nourishing night cream for optimum maintenance. Apply a thicker layer of lip balm while you sleep to wake up with soft, non-dry lips.