Kuaishou restores Tmall external chain, but it may not be a long-term cooperation

Reporter | Xiao Fang

It is reported that from 0:00 on October 28, 2022, Taobao and Kuaishou will resume external chain cooperation. Jiemian News learned from the Kuaishou customer service that at present, merchants can only use the links of Tmall and JD’s self-operated products in Kuaishou, and cannot use Taobao links. Moreover, the time for merchants to use the Tmall link in Kuaishou Xiaohuangche is from October 28 to December 31, 2022, and the time range for using the Jingdong link is from October 28 to November 30.

As for the expiration of the cooperation, merchants can continue to use Tmall and JD.com in Kuaishou. Kuaishou customer service said that there is no information in this regard for the time being. According to another person familiar with the matter, Kuaishou’s restoration of the Tmall external chain is only for short-term cooperation, and it is difficult to say long-term cooperation.

As of press time, neither Kuaishou nor Alibaba officials responded to the above news.

Beginning in November 2021, Kuaishou will tighten the links for external products. The platform will no longer support third-party products with likes and magic chopsticks on the small yellow car in the live broadcast room, but they will be sold through Kuaishou short videos, personal homepages, store pages and other channels. Third-party merchandise is not affected. From March 1 this year, Kuaishou will cut off the commodity chain of Taobao Alliance and Jingdong Alliance. Among them, the Taobao alliance product link will not be able to publish product and service links in the shopping cart, short video shopping cart, business details page, etc. of the Kuaishou live broadcast room, and the Jingdong alliance product link will not be able to publish the goods and service links in the shopping cart of the Kuaishou live broadcast room. Publish product and service links in short video shopping carts, business detail pages, etc.

Double Eleven is approaching, and each e-commerce platform needs to obtain traffic from external platforms. Kuaishou’s resumption of cooperation with Tmall and JD.com at this time can increase advertising revenue in the short term.

However, after the live broadcast e-commerce gradually matured, Kuaishou e-commerce is no longer satisfied with obtaining order conversion only through the live broadcast room. During the Double Eleven this year, Kuaishou launched the first-level entrance of Kuaishou Mall on the homepage of the App to improve the efficiency of traffic conversion. Kuaishou Mall is positioned as a shelf e-commerce, and the page layout is also similar to Taobao.

Previously, Jiemian News learned from Kuaishou insiders that on the one hand, Kuaishou Mall strives to promote the entry of Kuaishou brand merchants, and at the same time, it is also inviting more mature external brand merchants to settle in.

Obviously, it is difficult for Kuaishou to invite enough well-known brands to settle in Kuaishou Mall in a short period of time. The opening of the cooperation between Tmall and JD.com during Double 11 will help make up for the lack of Kuaishou e-commerce service capabilities.