Kosovo ignited gunpowder, trying to drive Vucic out? The Serbian army is gathering on the front line!

The Kosovo issue has always been a thorn in Serbia’s heart. 24 years ago, NATO used the Kosovo War as an excuse to bomb Yugoslavia for 78 days, killing 1,800 people, injuring more than 6,000 people, and causing economic losses of Yugoslavia as high as 200 billion U.S. dollars.

NATO still owes the Chinese people a debt of blood

After the war ended, the Kosovo region was managed by the United Nations and unilaterally declared independence in 2008. Serbia has always insisted on its sovereignty over the Kosovo region. Today, there are still more than 90 countries in the world that do not recognize Kosovo’s “independence”. Everyone knows that this is a nail planted by the United States in the Balkan Peninsula. turmoil.

Now, the United States may feel that it is time. In the Zvecan Serb district in northern Kosovo, clashes suddenly broke out between the people and the Albanian police. The building, judging from the video from the scene, this seems to be a premeditated action, and the background of the action is Serbia, which is experiencing another crisis that may force Serbian President Vucic to resign.

Balkan ‘powder kegs’ on brink of explosion

At the beginning of this month, a series of mass shootings broke out in Serbia. The Vucic government decided to confiscate guns across the country. Although his disposal was very timely, it still caused large-scale public protests. These people took to the streets and shouted against The slogan of the government, the opposition party behind them, even pointed the finger at Vucic himself, saying that a government that does not care about the safety of the people should step down.

If you really want to say that, the US government does not know how many times it has stepped down. But this kind of drama, I don’t know why, is always staged again and again in countries that the United States does not like. Vucic has made it clear that the “anti-violence rally” in Belgrade was instigated by “revolutionaries” supported by foreign countries. He believes that the root cause of all this lies in Serbia’s refusal to recognize Kosovo’s “independence.”

The Serbian people will never agree

To put it simply, the Kosovo issue is that the Albanians in this area do not want to stay in Serbia anymore. With the support of the United States and the West, they want to split Serbia. This kind of plot is exactly the same as that of Crimea and Udon, who invested in Russia. But on the Kovoso issue, Western countries have shown a completely different attitude from dealing with the Ukrainian crisis. They unanimously support Kosovo, claiming that Kosovo’s “independence” is in line with international law and the Serbian government should not obstruct it.

Originally, if the conflict between Russia and Ukraine had not broken out, Serbia would not have fallen into turmoil so quickly, but now that Russia and Ukraine have fought for more than a year with no results, the United States urgently needs another outbreak to further intensify the conflict between Europe and Russia. Since last year, the Kosovo region has been in turmoil. Vucic once announced that the army had entered the highest state of combat readiness. Under the mediation of the European Union, Vucic endured his nausea and accepted the conditions for Kosovo to join the European Parliament. After a long time, Kosovo actually broke out again.

America’s double-standard face is extremely ugly

What’s even more ironic is that Ukraine abstained in the vote for Kosovo to join the European Parliament, which is equivalent to acquiescing to Kosovo’s “independence”. For the same reason, why doesn’t Zelensky accept the independence of the four places in Uzbekistan? From these things, we can see what kind of standards the United States and the West follow in dealing with regional issues, or what the EU’s “Foreign Minister” Borrell said is right. International politics, to a large extent, is to engage in double standard.

Now, the smoke of gunpowder in Kosovo has been ignited, and the Serbian army has once again entered the highest state of alert, and began to gather in the direction of Kosovo’s administrative border. Will Vucic, who has announced that he will resign as the chairman of the ruling party, be ousted by the West? Will not be detonated, let us wait and see.