[Koping Jun] Doctor, if air enters my blood vessels during infusion, will I die? ?

When we are watching a TV show or watching a movie

may see such a scene

Murderer with a needle

inject air into the victim’s veins

cause the victim to die

Seeing these, many people’s minds

Just remember one thing

Injecting air into blood vessels can cause death

then suddenly remembered

When you are having an infusion or an injection yourself

Is there a chance

What about when air enters the blood vessels?

Although no similar deaths seem to be heard

But if it is really unfortunate

Wouldn’t that be 100% helpless?

Let’s find out together

Infusion injection

If the air is infused into the blood vessels, is there any rescue?


When a bottle is finished

Will air be injected into the blood vessels homeopathically?

Answer: No!

Professional data shows that the standard atmospheric pressure is about 760 mmHg, and the standard blood pressure is about 100 mmHg higher than the standard atmospheric pressure , so even if the bottle is emptied, the air will not be able to enter the blood vessels, and everyone only needs to worry about the return of blood. passive blood donation.


Infusion and injection

Is it possible for air to enter the blood vessels?

Before the injection, the nurse normally flicks the needle tube to empty the air in the needle tube .

During infusion, in order to prevent air from entering the infusion pipeline, the infusion set is equipped with a [Murphy tube] , which is the magic thing below.

Its function is to retain a certain amount of liquid to form a liquid level and prevent air from entering the pipeline . Therefore, generally speaking, unless the infusion bottle is squeezed by hand, hanging the water will not inject air into the body.

Moreover, for normal people, a small amount of air entering the blood vessel will not cause discomfort . Only when a large amount of air is injected into the blood vessel, it may cause air embolism. If the injected dose is too large, it will also cause sudden death.


How much is a small dose?

How much dose is a lot?

The dose of air embolism should be at least 50ml or more of air . Among the common medical syringes, the largest one is the 50ml syringe used for intravenous injection. Therefore, air embolism caused by injection is called is relatively rare.

Therefore, for normal people, we really don’t have to worry about infusion or injection of air under normal circumstances.

Source: Popular Science China