Kobe Bryant’s first All-Star boots, after a lapse of 25 years, ushered in a re-enactment!


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  ◉ Kobe’s first All-Star game boots, 25 years later ushered in a re-enactment!

  In February next year, the NBA will host the 71st NBA All-Star Weekend in Cleveland. Coincidentally, in 1997, 25 years ago, the 46th NBA All-Star Weekend also chose to be held in Cleveland! Although it has not yet started, the appearance of this unexpected surprise has attracted a lot of attention for this upcoming All-Star weekend.

  Looking back at the 1997 NBA All-Star Weekend in Cleveland, there were actually quite a few highlights. That year, Michael Jordan won the vote with 2,451,136 votes, and in the main game, the Eastern Stars defeated the Western Stars 132-120. Although Joe played the first triple-double (14 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists) in NBA All-Star Game history, the final A-MVP was taken by Glen Rice of the Charlotte Hornets.

  1997 Eastern All-Star Team

  However, the biggest highlight of that year’s All-Star Weekend actually came from a fledgling rookie. The All-Star Weekend in 1997 was the first All-Star Game for the Golden Generation of 1996, so in the Rookie Challenge, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, Steve Nash and other future big names all appeared, and they were all full of energy. I want to show my energy to the world. In the end, Kobe scored 31 points, setting a rookie scoring record at the time. However, the MVP was taken away by the year’s No. 1 pick Allen Iverson. After the game, TNT reporter Craig Sager asked Kobe, “Does not getting the MVP motivate you to perform better in the dunk contest?” Kobe said: “Of course, you always want to try to win, and I’m ready for the All-Star Game. It’s more motivated now.”

  Of course, he did. In the slam dunk contest the next day, Kobe Bryant won the slam dunk contest championship with a crotch dunk. To this day, we really can’t say that the difficulty of that dunk can be ranked in the forefront of the slam dunk contest, but it was the champion of that slam dunk contest that made people really notice the magic that will bring them infinite surprises for the first time. kid.

  The adidas EQT Elevation worn by Kobe in the dunk contest that year also left a very deep impression on people. This pair of shoes, now called Crazy 97, was equipped with adidas’ most cutting-edge FYW sky-foot system that year, and the shape is quite futuristic. Among the few adidas shoes that Kobe has ever worn, it can be regarded as the most popular. .

  And just 25 years later, the NBA All-Star Weekend will be held in Cleveland again. This is also the 25th anniversary of Kobe’s only slam dunk contest championship in his career. This special moment is certainly worth remembering. There was news this week that adidas Basketball will re-enact this pair of adidas Crazy 97 EQT “Dunk Contest” slam dunk contest colors during next year’s All-Star Weekend, paying tribute to the dead legend in a special way at a special time. superstar. I think for Comey and Sneakerheads, this opportunity to commemorate and pay tribute must not be missed, right?


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  ◉ In what form will Louis Vuitton Tranier ‘continue’?

  As early as June this year, when Louis Vuitton released the 2022 spring and summer series, in addition to the many pairs of Louis Vuitton x Air Force 1 shoes that brought unexpected joy, the new Trainer must have also attracted the attention of many people.

  Louis Vuitton SS22

  When I was talking with you about the big show, I mentioned that I saw some different Trainer shoes in the show, and one of them was a Trainer with ‘high-top leather boots’ shoes. We reported on A$ a few days ago. After AP Nast took the lead, this pair of Trainer Sneker Boots officially went on sale a few days ago.

  This pair of Trainer ‘leather boots’ is mainly in all white color. The shoe shape seems to be inspired by the shape of ‘boxing shoes’, but it is actually inspired by western boots, and the front and rear of the boot are injected with ‘eagle’. The pattern, the Velcro buckle on the toe cap is also infused with high-quality metal material, and the entire boot shaft is made of calfskin material. Perhaps the $3,900 price of the shoe is almost the same as that of an ordinary Trainer. twice the reason.

  A$AP Nast on foot demonstration

  From Virgil Abloh in charge of Louis Vuitton, he brought the first pair of Trainer shoes, which has become the first luxury item for many young consumers, and it is also another pair of phenomenal shoes that luxury goods enter the field of sneakers.

  Since the birth of the first pair of Louis Vuitton Trainer, its color matching has been continuously enriched for people to choose from, and innovations have been made in the design of shoe types. After this ‘upgrade’, I also wonder if Virgil Abloh will still be there after leaving us. Can see more different Trainer shoes, and what new look will they continue to present?


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  ◉ Whether it’s ‘The Last Candy’ or not, this colorway is loved by everyone!

  From the earlier show in Sanya, to the WOW9 infinite ‘origami’ that sparked heated discussions this week, etc., there have been a lot of big moves by Li Ning recently. However, among them, there is still a pair of shoes that has caught my attention, and it is very likely to become the focus of everyone’s discussion next. This is the WOW9 “Marshmallow” that will be released in the near future.

  Before that, designer Zhou Shijie said that in the next design, the color scheme of “marshmallow” will not appear in the series of Wade’s way. As soon as this remark came out, it caused a strong discussion among sneaker lovers, and then the description of “the last sugar” became a topic of discussion. In this new pair of WOW9 “Marshmallow”, we can not only see the coloring method that has continued from the seventh generation to the present, but also find the subtle adjustments in the details.

  However, although the designer himself said that “marshmallow” will not appear in Wade’s original series (note that “just the original” is said here, you know), this does not mean that this classic color matching is about to disappear. In the recently exposed Wade Way City 10, we once again saw the figure of “Marshmallow”, which is undoubtedly gratifying. In the final analysis, the reason why this color scheme has generated such a heated discussion is not only that it has indeed hit the aesthetic and sensory experience of many people, but also a “small success” of domestic sports brands in the process of continuous attempts. “. Although we may not be able to see it in the future Wade series, the three words “marshmallow” will have an impact on the color matching ideas of the brand’s other products for a long time.