Knight’s interview is too direct, he chose to stay in the team for JKL, and Xiaotian is not a brother alliance

This year’s League of Legends S12 World Championship is the content that everyone is most concerned about. Although there are many people who pay attention, it does not change the result. The performance of our division team in this World Championship can be described as bad, because they were upset and eliminated three teams early. Now only the JDG team is left, and the semi-finals will face the T1 team. The scene of the LPL civil war that once imagined the world competition cannot be realized this year.

Having said that, it can be expected that RNG was eliminated by T1, because T1 itself is much stronger than RNG this year, and coupled with the physical condition of RNG players, it is understandable to lose this game, but EDG was defeated by DRX It’s really a bit inappropriate to let two chase three, and the most inappropriate is TES. They failed to qualify for the group stage because of their poor performance, and finally ended up in the top 16. This is the topic that is most talked about.

After they were eliminated, they were attacked and ridiculed by various public opinions, and their mentality gradually changed. For example, when Knight was interviewed recently, he was uncharacteristically. Dare to say it, and because he was too direct, he was sprayed again. He said that he chose to stay in the team because of JKL. This point of view also shows that he and Xiaotian are not a brother alliance.

The thing is like this, before knight had the news that he was going to leave the team. Later, after Xiaotian decided to join TES, knight also announced that he would stay in the team, so there is a saying that the brother alliance, because they were all in YM before, so everyone said They are playing the game of brothers, but they did not have the same performance as brothers, and their performance of breaking gold, but there was a backstab incident. I will not elaborate on this matter. In short, everyone knows that they are at odds with each other, not Brothers.

In the loss of this game, Knight simply didn’t pretend, and said in the interview: I don’t think LPL can beat Jack’s bot lane, as long as he is in good condition. A large part of the reason I stayed on the team was also because Jack played in TES. As soon as this sentence came out, everyone understood that knight did not change his decision because of the arrival of Xiaotian from beginning to end, but made up his mind because of the existence of JKL.

Many netizens said that there are two possibilities for knight to say this sentence, that is to tear his face, make it clear that he will not make any changes for Xiaotian, and he has many brother alliances with him, which means that next season may have If one person leaves the team, there is another possibility that there is a contradiction in the team now, and the players need to stand aside. Knight’s words are to hug JKL, the thigh of the team, so as not to be left behind.

Of course, at present, these opinions are all speculations by netizens. There is no real evidence, and I don’t know what happened between the players or what they are thinking. Many people are like the editor and hope they can maintain such a lineup. Or make small adjustments. After all, there are not many teams in the All-China class, and the dissolution of any All-China class is heart-wrenching. Do you have anything to say about this?