Knight 45 million a year? Netizens say that it is too exaggerated, and they don’t want to play like this to drive up their worth.

Recently, the big guys in the circle broke the news that the price of Knight a year is 45 million. Although 77’s revelations are always timely, this time it gives people a feeling of exaggeration. The price of 45 million a year is too high. Even Faker’s worth is not estimated to be so high. Therefore, many netizens questioned such revelations, believing that this was to drive up the price.

When Huya anchor Zhang Jiawen participated in the Huya S12 second program, he was very sorry that TES stopped in the top sixteen. In Zhang Jiawen’s impression, the overall configuration of the TES team is very high and the strength is not weak, but it is true that their performance in the World Championship is too bad. During the group stage, TES had lost to the other three teams, especially the loss to Vietnam, which directly lowered the lower limit of the LPL division. So even if Knight is less affected by Worlds, it’s impossible for him to be so valuable.

However, although the figure of 45 million is exaggerated, Zhang Jiawen believes that Knight’s worth is TOP in the LPL division. Recently, some netizens broke the news that the rich and powerful BLG wanted Knight very much. Like Bin and Liu Qingsong, it is as high as 10 million, so if BLG really buys Knight, it is estimated that the minimum cost is 20 million. Because looking at the entire LPL division, there are still relatively few domestic mid laners available. If BLG wants to build a super team, players like fofo are simply unable to support the heavy task, and only players like Knight and Rookie can do it.

There are still a few days before the S12 semi-finals will start, so the S12 two programs have also been suspended recently. In this way, Zhang Jiawen has more free time. Therefore, Xiao Zhang has been participating in variety shows recently. First, he participated in “Super Happy Games” to interact with the lovely buried sweet, and now he participated in the second season of “72 Hours of Heart”. love variety show. Although Zhang Jiawen was manipulated by the female guests in various ways on the show, even like a fool, but I have to say that Xiao Zhang’s live broadcast effect is still very good, which also helps to increase his popularity.

At present, there are all kinds of revelations about the transfer of LPL players. Although they are all rumors now, the revelations like Knight’s 45 million revelations do not feel very credible. What do you think?