King: There are only these strong supporters in the high-end game. If you have a destiny, you are the “auxiliary king”

With the continuous update of the version, the status of support heroes in the team is getting higher and higher, and Tianmei has also intentionally strengthened support in recent seasons. Although the support has the lowest economy in the team, it has to do the most tiring work. Live, an excellent support can not only bring the team’s rhythm up, but also find a suitable opportunity to start a team and create a good output environment for teammates. Let’s talk about this issue. There are only these strong supporters in high-end games. If you have a destiny, you are the “auxiliary king”.

Master Luban

This hero has been liked by many great players since it was launched, and was reworked by Tianmei after that, which made the hero’s strength skyrocket. Master Luban not only has displacement, but also has shields. The most important thing is the hero’s strength. The trick can be up to six units, which means that Master Luban can control five enemies as long as the ultimate move is released properly, creating a good output environment for teammates, and Master Luban can also provide a single teammate with a displacement skill, The most important thing is that this hero can be combined with multiple heroes, and the ability to protect people is still good in the support, and it is very strong.


The hero is also a limited skin for the 7th anniversary celebration. Although Guiguzi is hard to see in the low-end rounds, the hero is still very popular in the high-end rounds and professional arena. Guiguzi is not only highly mobile, but also can be used for teammates. Stealth, coupled with powerful control ability, makes Guiguzi very strong in group formation, and can easily bring the rhythm of the team up. Players who can play Guiguzi can always find suitable group formation skills. As long as they can learn Guiguzi, many wild kings And the shooter will take the initiative to add you as a friend.

Sang Qi

Many players of this hero say that his strength is seriously exceeding the standard, but Tianmei does not seem to plan to weaken it, so players have to guess that maybe Sang Qi is going to release a new skin, the overall strength of this hero is very high, and it can not only help Teammates and themselves recover a lot of health, and can also play control. The most important thing is that he also has displacement skills, which can help teammates recover blood even after the lineup. Players who can play Sang Qi can not only use one skill to play group control At the same time, it can also improve the continuous combat ability of the team. It has become a must-have auxiliary for high-end bureaus, and the intensity is very high.

shield mountain

Although this hero has been weakened by planning, his skill mechanism is still very strong. Shield Mountain can not only resist all the enemy’s flying skills, but also has its own hegemony mechanism. The most important thing is that the hero has a strong ability to start a team, especially When it is a positional battle, the team with Shield Mountain has a strong initiative. As long as it is backed by Shield Mountain, it will basically be instantly destroyed. Some players even say that although Shield Mountain is weakened, his strength is still there. very high.

The above assistants are all very strong in high-end games. If you have your life, you are actually the “assistant king”. Those who want to use assistants to score points can use them with confidence. The strength will not disappoint you. The content of this issue Just here, remember to pay attention!