King: The limited skin returns to the field to vote, Sun Wukong is far ahead in the vote, and he becomes a dark horse when he meets Hu Xuan

The King’s Glory Anniversary Celebration, the limited skin return event has been launched. A total of 29 skins have entered the voting pool. Because the return rules have been changed, the two skins with the most votes in the final result will not be sold directly in the future. Therefore, many players want to get the skin they want through this skin return voting event. The limited skin return voting event started less than a day ago.

Sun Wukong “Sun Walker”

As the most popular hero in the canyon, Tianmei has also made a variety of high-quality skins for this hero, and Tianmei has made a lot of money. It seems that every skin return event will have monkey skins, and the vote rate is high. Very high, this anniversary celebration skin came back to vote. As of the time of writing, Sun Wukong’s Sun Xingzhe received 5,202,707 votes in less than a day. It is currently the skin with the most votes, and it can even be said to be far ahead of the second place. If If nothing else, the skin should be able to return smoothly.

Diao Chan “Meet Hu Xuan”

As a veteran mage in the canyon, Diaochan is also liked by many players. Just a Midsummer’s Dream Summer makes Tianmei very happy, because the sales volume is very high, and in this skin return voting event, Diaochan’s ” “Meet Hu Xuan” has become a dark horse, ranking second with 2,641,651 votes before the press release. This skin is a linkage skin, and Tianmei has modeled it completely, but the usage rate of players is not very high. High, but in this voting event, the number of votes for this skin surprised many players. It seems that there is great hope for Huxuan to return to the field.

Sun Shangxiang’s “Other World Spirit Deed”

As an evergreen tree on the development road, Sun Shangxiang can be said to ignore any version, and the popularity of each season is very high, and after the “Other World Spiritual Contract” was launched, it was liked by many male players because of the modeling of this skin. It’s very beautiful. Although Sun Shangxiang has a variety of skins, the special effects of this skin are highly recognizable in the bureau. The number of votes for this skin has reached 2,397,290 by the time of publication. There should be no problem with the five, after all, Sun Shangxiang, a shooter, is liked by many players.

Zhuge Liang’s “Times and Rains”

As an assassin-type mage, Zhuge Liang’s appearance rate has indeed dropped a lot since he was weakened by Tianmei, but the hero’s playability is still very high, and since the launch of “Shiyu Tiansi”, the player’s usage rate has been very high. High, because of the passive special effects and imprint layers of this skin, it is highly recognizable in the game, and the most important thing is that the big move has a strong sense of attack. As of the time of writing, this skin is temporarily ranked fourth with 1,963,932 votes. Very hopeful to return.

Because the number of votes for the fifth and eighth places is relatively close, and the number of votes is still changing, so before the press release, the number of votes for the above four can be said to be the first echelon, and there is a high probability of having a chance to return, so I hope Everyone can actively participate in the voting activities and get their favorite skins.

The above is the whole content of this issue. Which skin did you vote for? Welcome to leave a message below, so that your comments can be seen by more friends, let’s discuss together, remember to pay attention!