King S29 high ban rate hero analysis, how to target? Completely liberate the ban position

Hello everyone, in this issue, we will analyze the heroes with a high ban rate, which heroes are more suitable for ban positions, and how to target them. Follow the game owner to see!

The first to bear the brunt is Donghuang, who just announced the FMVP. Donghuang is now in the ban position to buy a house. The reason why Donghuang is so high is because of its own characteristics. The suppression effect of the ultimate move is the lowest in the canyon. It can restrain the enemy’s protruding face heroes, and can also target the enemy’s thighs one-on-one to improve the team. ‘s win rate.

So how to deal with such a disgusting hero?

Donghuang is actually not very strong. After all, Donghuang’s hand is still too short. We can choose a poke hero with a long hand to consume Donghuang’s blood volume, so that when he is close to his own hero, he is already severely disabled, even if bitten. It is also impossible to cooperate with Donghuang teammates to take down their own heads.

The second is to come up with strong protection measures to counter the East Emperor. Both Taiyi and Liu Bang are fine, but Liu Bang can’t produce a specialization outfit. After all, a specialized outfit can’t provide protection for his teammates. Both Taiyi’s ultimate move and Liu Bang’s ultimate move are powerful protections for teammates, preventing them from being persecuted by the Eastern Emperor.

Another hero who bought a house in the ban position is Haiyue. This new star mage is a disgusting existence in the canyon. Not only does it have high shields, but also a lot of damage . During team battles, you only need to pull the opponent’s key characters. Go, basically laid the victory of the team battle.

So how to target the sea and moon?

The simple and rude method is to destroy it directly. It is recommended that the shooter go out of the sun. When it is pulled in by Haiyue, click on the sun. No matter how Haiyue runs, Haiyue will only be killed.

There is also a way to get out of the range of the ultimate move before the release of Haiyue’s ultimate move, one is to use displacement to escape, and the other is to use purification to solve it directly. Most of the displacement can’t be released in time, so the simple thing is to purify it. For example, the golden body and Di Renjie’s second skill can be released in time.

Dunshan and Master Lu Ban used to buy a house in the ban position, but with the constant changes in the version, Master Lu Ban gradually came to an end, but Dunshan was still in the ban position, because of the strength of Dunshan’s own mechanism.

Shield Mountain can block all flying objects, and can target most heroes in the canyon, especially the shooter. The existence of the shield mountain greatly limits the output of the shooter in team battles .

So how do you break the shield?

Breaking the shield of Shield Mountain is very simple, just use the hero with more control. Today’s support, as long as it is not a soft support, can have an advantage when fighting to Shield Mountain in the bot lane.

The last thing I want to talk about is Jin Chan, who specializes in overcoming displacement heroes! The existence of Jin Chan greatly limits some heroes with a lot of displacement, such as A Li, Li Bai, Yao, etc.

Jin Chan is better to counter it. Doesn’t Jin Chan like to trap people in place? Taking the protruding face lineup directly, Jin Chan can’t target more points. At this time, it is Jin Chan who is unlucky. For example, Sun Bin and Guiguzi are fine.

Xiaobian personal opinion

There are so many disgusting heroes in the canyon now, and the ban position is gradually insufficient. I still hope that everyone can reasonably counteract these heroes to achieve the effect of liberating the ban position. Go to ban some heroes that need to be restricted by ban positions. How do you feel about this? Comments welcome.