King of Thunder Cup: Hundreds of shooters do not choose shooters, playing Ye Diaochan is too showy, over 13 minutes

The Thunder Cup of a certain tooth is in full swing. As far as the current situation is concerned, the gold content of the Thunder Cup is already the highest under the KPL league. Professional teams and players regard the Thunder Cup as a good test to run in the team. , try various combinations.

In addition to the high-intensity main game, there are also entertainment competitions in the Thunder Cup. The players participating in the entertainment competitions are all very familiar people, and they are all very strong. Let’s review the first part of the Thunder Cup exhibition competition. Second round of the game.

The two teams participated in the competition were the Bullish Team (Meng Lan, Pocket, Xiangyu, Milu) led by Fly and the Smiley Team (Beast, Jinyu, Tiantianke, Sledgehammer) led by Peng Peng. , the host is also very humorous.

In the BP stage of the first round, the shooters of the two waves were originally 100-dan shooters, but neither of them took out shooters, and it felt as if they had negotiated in advance. What’s even more surprising is the Smiley Team, because their jungler is Diaochan, which is still not very good in regular games.

In terms of jungler abilities, Diaochan is definitely not as good as Sikong Zhen. After the game started, Sikong Zhen turned red, and then went straight to Diaochan’s red zone. In addition, the efficiency of jungler was different, Sikong Zhen quickly and safely Diao Chan’s redness is reversed.

After all, they were all top players. After Sikong Zhen had an advantage, he quickly snowballed to help his teammates expand their advantages.

Looking at the whole game, it only took 13 minutes to finish the game. Personally, I think the bigger problem is playing Diao Chan, which can be described as losing the rhythm step by step. Then another major point of view is that neither of the two hundred-dan shooters selected normal shooter heroes. After the fierce battle, Niuqicheng won the exhibition match with a score of 2 to 0. What do you think of Shiye Diaochan? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.