King of Glory: What is a natal hero, and what is the relationship between it and personality, and deeply analyze the relationship between heroes and you. Next

Okay, let’s just talk without nonsense.

The natal hero is the hero that suits you the most. This hero has nothing to do with your operation level and proficiency. Even if you use it for the first time, it seems like a seasoned user! Such heroes are generally your natal heroes.

Generally speaking, the natal hero has a lot to do with character. For example, if you are someone who is good at helping others without expecting anything in return, you may be suitable for playing support tanks.

You are a relatively strong user, want to stand alone, and want to be able to easily defeat the enemy and lead the team to victory, using an assassin hero like Sun Wukong will be very suitable.

When I first came into contact with Glory of Kings, the rhythm of Glory of Kings was not the same as that of League of Legends, and I used Di Renjie all the time. (This is the first hero in my shooter to reach rank 5)

Because you don’t need to use skills at all for this hero, you just need to keep attacking with a little consideration for the release of the ultimate move. It can be said to be very suitable for me. (mainly no brainer)

For me, what is suitable is the best, don’t blindly believe in the strategy, practice will make the real chapter! This is very important!

As I said before, there are currently more than 100 heroes in Glory of Kings, which are divided into six positions: fighters, shooters, mages, assassins, tanks and auxiliary. Each player of Glory of Kings will have an exclusive hero of his own. Call it a natal hero. So what kind of standard is the natal hero delineated by? Here comes the third method

There are probably two criteria: the first one, open your personal panel in the game, find the common hero interface, the hero with the highest proficiency, the most games played and the highest winning rate in the first place is your life. Hero, this is true in most cases; second, you think that this hero can be operated smoothly as long as you use it, carry the audience, and have inexplicable confidence in him. Before, I remember that the official also gave a few test questions to test the natal hero. Players who don’t know the natal hero might as well test it. Players who know the natal hero can also test to see if the results are consistent. (I was referring to it at the time)

Everyone’s first question is the same, and then it will change with your choices, there are about five questions in total, and finally your natal hero will appear.

As for the accuracy of the results, it seems that big data does not understand people’s hearts as imagined, just like the result of Yueban is Cai Wenji. Although Yueban’s recent game play is more inclined to support, but I still think that it was researching at that time. Diao Chan was my life at that time. I also played Han Xin later, but the hero of the king actually only practiced two-thirds of the way. I retired for a while, and there were a lot of things during that time, so I won’t explain it further.

Han Xin, I practiced for the longest time at that time, the first feeling is that without this hero, I will not be able to play the glory of the king.

So who is my other life hero, I don’t need to say more.

In fact, everyone has a few heroes who are comfortable with their own use, and will greatly increase their confidence when they get it. This confidence may come from your own winning percentage, or it may come from your own technical operations. The kind of hero that makes us full of confidence when used, we generally call it “born”.

The heroes in the glory of the king, in simple terms, are divided into two categories. One is a difficult hero, and the other is exclusive to the handicapped party. Difficult heroes include Han Xin, Li Bai, Hua Mulan, Yang Jian, etc.; handicapped heroes include Arthur, Daji, Hou Yi, Lu Ban, etc.

Anyone who can play Han Xin will definitely also play Hou Yi (don’t ask me how I know that), but not vice versa. So first you have to know what your role is. When I first entered the pit, Daji and Angela did not have any difficulty in operation. I believe that most of my friends can use them with ease.

When it comes to more in-depth contact, Zhao Yun is a watershed. If you Zhao Yun can play 6, then you can try more difficult heroes. If Zhao Yun has played dozens of games basically lying down, then you might as well try Cai Wenji, Huang Zhong, Sun Shangxiang and other heroes. (From the classification of the hero’s occupation, the difficulty of the hero, the strength of the version hero), etc., you should be able to find your life here. If it still doesn’t work, there is another one, that is the feel, which can also be called compatibility! Then look down.

In hero operation, many heroes have similarities. For example, if Liu Bei is a good player, he will feel comfortable using the old master. If you can play Mozi, then I will give you a Donghuang, I guess you are not bad. When designing heroes, it is precisely because of these factors that Tianmei designers will also classify heroes, such as novice type, sister mage type, and so on.

When discussing with my friends before, someone mentioned “feel”. Everyone has their own experience of “feel”. In short, when you find your own destiny, you will definitely have a bright feeling.

Games are actually a process of finding oneself. Just like there was a movie called that, “Ready Player One” before, I hope we can all find our truest side in the game.

I think besides Han Xin, my assassins should be King Lanling. The first time I used King Lanling, I actually got 30 kills, and I didn’t die once. Because I was always overcast before, I went to study it. I remember Lanling. King Ling’s ban rate is really high, so let’s get back to the point

In fact, this kind of fit will be discovered the first time you play. also the clearest

Although it is said that as long as you play and practice more for each hero, or watch more teaching videos of the Great God, you will be fine if you play well.

However, there are some heroes that just feel different when you get them. After simply reading the skill introduction, you can quickly hit 3 kills and 4 kills in the first few times. Or a hobby support, playing a few games without dying once.

This feeling of fit is a natural feel.

Take me, for example, before Zhuge Liang, my favorite Zhen Ji and Zhuang Zhou rarely died when they first started playing, especially Zhuang Zhou, many people said that Zhuang Zhou was a jerk who mixed scores and MVPs. But the fish is actually, as long as you have a feeling to play, it will zoom in the moment the C position is controlled, and play COMBO for the team together, which is great.

At the beginning, there was a little misunderstanding in playing fish. I always added a skill first and used it when I had nothing to do. Sometimes blue was not enough. Later, after watching an introduction video, it was like a “fish”. You can use 2 skills for a single kill. Sticky people, group fights can be supported by skills, and if you fight less, you can involve three or four people alone, and then run away with residual blood.

Apart from being afraid of Mi Yue and Dong Huang Taiyi, Zhuang Zhou had almost no rivals.

In addition, there is a saying of eyesight.

Before playing Zhuang Zhou, I saw others use it. generally. Not so amazing, but when I saw the fish in other people’s hands swimming nimbly, I realized that I liked him very much.

Low-key, do not grab people’s heads. When it comes to output, it is not inferior to a mage. Although he is positioned as a mage, I prefer to call him …… Piranha.

So who do you think is your natal hero? Now there is an answer, I wish you a happy score~~~~~~~~