King of Glory: What is a natal hero, and what is the relationship between it and personality, and deeply analyze the relationship between heroes and you. Medium

Xiaoyin will teach you to identify what your natal hero is. Medium

There are more than 100 heroes in Glory, who is my destiny with so many heroes? Let’s change it again, maybe it will become clearer

In the last issue, I talked about the example of Yang Jian, and then I will talk about what I encountered

My view on the natal hero is, first of all, you are very interested in this hero and are willing to play this hero, not because this hero is powerful, just like me at the time, I played Luna after Yang Jian was banned at that time. Everyone was scolded, and I kept playing, to study Luna’s style of play, and some experience. Later, Luna became popular.

It’s like Luban, Hou Yi, including Dian Wei, get angry as soon as they choose their teammates. You are still holding on. This is your destiny.

Because you know these heroes, you know how their skills are used and how to use them. The first point of a natal hero is that you must know and love this hero before you can call it a natal hero.

There is also a situation where natal heroes can change with the version. For example, for me, I may play more heroes at ordinary times. Take mages as an example, I may play all mages. For example, Wu Zetian is very strong. , my destiny is to become Wu Zetian’s go-getter. In this version of Zhuge Liang Ying Zhengqiang, then my natal hero can also be changed to Ying Zheng Zhuge Liang.

For another example, some friends only like 2-3 heroes, so the natural natal hero is these 2-3. The above is the concept of natal hero, let’s talk about how to verify your natal hero.

How to verify one’s own destiny hero is not just bragging about it. The destiny hero lies not in the number, but in the essence. How to say it in reality?

For example, I went to play a game once (just to not have any regrets), I met four teammates I didn’t know, and asked each other what position would you be?

If I say that I can do everything, it will give people a feeling of bragging, and it will be embarrassing to find out that it is not the case after a dozen more.

I once went to Shenzhen to play the city trials. At that time, I mainly chose the mage as the first choice, and the auxiliary assassin as the alternative.

As a result, my teammates could only play mage, so I gave him the position of mage. When the omen came, I took the hero and chose Bodhidharma, the king of Lanling that I knew. It was really embarrassing at the time. I spent the whole dozens of seconds thinking about who to choose. At that time, I really understood a truth. Heroes do not talk with their mouths, but rely on their strength.

In the end, I took a Ne Zha, but I didn’t know much about Ne Zha at the time, but I could imagine that I lost. This is my precious experience.

From then on, as long as I form a team, I have made it clear to my teammates that I will do whatever.

Of course, if there is a competition in the city you are in, you should participate in it. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the key is to participate and feel the atmosphere, especially when you are standing in the championship and runner-up competition, your heart will be pounding when the sign is on. Enjoyable.

At that time, you will know what your natal hero is, that is, the person you play most stably and trust your teammates the most.

He is your hero and your destiny! The more you play, the more you understand what your life is, even if he is no longer strong and no one uses him. . . .

He is still my hero! This is my destiny! If you don’t know it yet, then I will tell you about the auxiliary life in the next issue (I will tell you a secret quietly, in fact, I was from LOL before… ) I will leave this for the next time. Okay, get out of class is over~ Bye