King of Glory S29 How to build Wang Zhaojun, the inscription build guide, the yellow knife Arthur inscription recommendation of the S29 season

Hello everyone, how does Wang Zhaojun build the Glory of Kings S29, and how to build the inscription. The King’s Glory mobile game has entered the S29 season, and the King’s official has also adjusted and optimized some mechanisms and heroes. So how should Wang Zhaojun, a heroine whose mage position cannot be ignored, play in the S29 season? The King’s S29 season Wang Zhaojun’s build guide, friends in need come and take a look.

King glory S29 season Wang Zhaojun’s outfit guide

Wang Zhaojun’s equipment can increase magic power, magic wear, and cooldown reduction, with a deceleration effect.

Recommended: Shoes of Mystery, Breath of Ice, Mask of Pain, Frigid Storm, Stream of Sunset, Luna

To be a little more aggressive, you can replace the Rage of the Sunset with the Wrath of the Loremaster. If the opponent’s magic resistance is high, it is replaced with a vain staff.

Summoner skill selection flash. Wang Zhaojun does not have any displacement skills, and needs to rely on flashing to save his life or forcibly shorten the distance from the enemy.

In terms of inscriptions, it is mainly to improve the power of magic, the penetration of magic, and the speed of attack.

Recommendation: Hunting*10, Eye of the Heart*10, Nightmare*10

What inscription does the King’s Glory Yellow Knife Arthur bring, the S29 Yellow Knife Arthur inscription is recommended. The S29 season has been updated. In the new season, the Yellow Knife has been modified at one time. So what inscription should the Yellow Knife Arthur bring in the new season? The editor will bring you the recommendation of the Yellow Knife Arthur’s inscription in the S29 season of King Glory. I hope Can help everyone.

King glory S29 season yellow knife Arthur inscription recommendation

【Inscription collocation】

Red: Fate*10——Attack Speed+10%, Max HP+337, Physical Defense+23

Blue: Harmony*10——Max HP+450, Movement Speed+4%, HP+52 every 5 seconds

Green: Void*10 – Max HP +375, Cooldown Reduction +6%

Total Attributes: Attack Speed ​​+10%, Max HP +1162, Movement Speed ​​+4%, Cooldown Reduction +6%, HP +52 every 5 seconds, Physical Defense +23

【Recommendation for builds】

Yellow Knife, Red Lotus, Ice Scar, Armor Shoes (later for toughness shoes), Anti-Armor

The last piece of equipment is selected according to the situation, you can choose pure sky or resurrection armor.

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