King of Glory S29 Daji build recommendations, how to play S29, the latest build guide

Hello everyone, the King of Glory s29 Daji’s outfit recommendation, Daji’s latest outfit plan. How to build Daji in the s29 season of King of Glory? As one of the most popular mages in Glory of Kings, what is Daji’s latest outfit strategy in 2022? The editor will recommend it to everyone today.

King glory Daji’s strongest outfit guide

1. Boots of Swiftness + Echoing Staff + Wrath of the Loremaster + Mask of Pain + Void Staff + Book of Sages

This build has very fast support, can easily roam to help teammates gain an advantage, and can also deal very high burst damage.

2. Boots of Mystery + Staff of Echoes + Wrath of the Loremaster + Book of Sages + Luna + Book of Devouring Gods

This build greatly guarantees the shortcomings of Daji’s lack of mana, and it can also reduce the CD of skills, which is very practical.

3. Boots of Swiftness + Staff of Echoes + Wrath of the Loremaster + Book of Sages + Book of God Eater + Void Staff

This combination can not only quickly support teammates, but also has a strong ability to continue fighting with spell blood-sucking.

4. Boots of Resistance + Staff of Echoes + Wrath of the Loremaster + Cloak of the Witch + Void Staff + Huiyue

With the blessing of the witch’s cloak, we can prevent high-burst mages on the opposite side, and can be used to save lives at critical times.

5. Boots of Swiftness + Staff of Echoes + Tooth of Nightmare + Wrath of the Loremaster + Wand of Voidness + Luna

This combination can well limit the high blood recovery of the opposing hero, and deal high damage by limiting the blood recovery.

The above is the recommendation of Daji’s strongest outfit. There is no fixed combination of the strongest equipment in the game. Players must match the equipment according to the team’s lineup and the attributes of the hero on the opposite side.

How to play the King of Glory S29, the latest build guide. The Glory of Kings has now entered the S29 season. Many friends are curious about how to play the Glory of the Kings S29. Now let’s take a look at the relevant content of the Glory of the Kings S29 with the editor.

King glory S29 how to play

1. Outfit recommendation

Resistance Shoes + Red Wilder Knife + Black Cut + Anti-Armor + Grandmaster Power + Endless

2. Inscription recommendation

10 Hidden, Eagle 10 Eyes, Mutation*9 Red Moon*1

3. Other Recommendations

Level 1 point 1 skill, then main 2 skill

The above is the guide on how to build the King of Glory S29. I hope these contents can be helpful to everyone.

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