King of Glory S28 Master Luban’s Outfit Guide

Hello everyone, King of Glory S29 Master Luban’s outfit guide, the strongest six gods outfit. How to build Master Luban in the S29 season of King of Glory? How to match the inscriptions of Master Luban? Many friends are still unclear. Today, the editor brings you the S29 Master Luban build inscription guide, if you are interested, let’s take a look together. Bar.

King of Glory S29 master Luban inscription guide

1. Master Luban’s outfit recommendation:

Build 1:

Guard Glory + Run Wolf Crest + Boots of Calm + Boots of Resistance + Witch’s Cloak + Frigid Storm

Outfit ideas: In the early stage, put out a cooling shoe to reduce the skill. After the economy is enough in the later stage, you can replace the cooling shoe with the Overlord to reload, increase the stamina, improve the endurance and facilitate the opening of the group.

Build 2:

Polar Shadow + Boots of Resistance + Cold Storm + Witch Cloak + Omen + Overlord Reload

Build ideas: This build is suitable for securing the C position, and it is more suitable for starting a group. It is necessary to start a group in front of it, and it is better to follow the shooter to play the polar shadow.

2. The inscription recommended by Master Lu Ban:


Inscription ideas: This set of inscriptions are the regular inscriptions of Master Luban, which can increase the life value and blood recovery for Master Luban.

3. Master Luban’s skills are recommended

Main upgrade: one skill

Secondary promotion: three skills

4. Master Luban summoner skill recommendation:

Interfere or flash

5. Recommended by Master Lu Ban:


Master Lu Ban starts to control the opponent first, and then receives the damage of the 2-1 skill. At the same time, after the 1 skill is released, he can also knock the enemy back to the position he wants to reach. If the damage is insufficient, he can kick the teammate to supplement the damage.

What are the application requirements for the King of Glory experience server, and the 2022 application requirements are introduced. The King of Glory experience server can be the first to experience the new version of the mode and new heroes, and the system will also issue free coupons from time to time. So what are the requirements for applying for the experience server? This time, the editor will introduce the requirements for applying for the experience server.

What are the requirements for the application of the King of Glory experience server?

1. The character level is level 30, and it is an adult real-name certified player.

2. Log in to the game at least 2 days a week before the application date.

3. Log in to the game for at least 10 days a month before the application date.

4. The role has been registered for more than 2 months.

5. The game credit score is greater than or equal to 100, and the credit rating is greater than or equal to 5.

The above are the requirements for applying for the experience server. The most important thing is that the level must reach level 30. As long as players find a bug in the experience server, they will get corresponding rewards after feedback.

How do you feel about this? Comments welcome.