King of Glory: Recently, I have encountered many fast-running heroes. I can’t stand it. Let’s take a look at it. It may be your destiny.

Liu Bang

While the ability of the second person is very important in the glory of the king, the ability to escape is also very important. As long as you run fast, the other side can’t lose you in seconds. At present, the hero with the strongest escape ability should be Liu Bang. Well equipped liu bang really runs fast because it’s a big move and everyone thinks such a liu bang is fun to play, but in the beginning, li meant for you to support your teammates quickly, however, now I It is found that many people do not learn well in teamfights. They ran directly over to fight the opponent’s people, and then ran out directly with special equipment. All I can say is it’s kind of funny. At least when they get caught, they don’t give heads so easily.

Sang Qi

Brother Sang, the hero’s escape ability should also be very good, mainly because of their special displacement skills, which can rely on grass to move. You can think that the speed of displacement, although relatively slow, is compared with the movement speed of most heroes. , faster, you can rely on, other skills go back and forth, which leads to the hero, if you want to run away, the opponent really can’t necessarily catch him, by the way, the hero now, it’s better to go to a support position, so that you can fight with Teammate cooperation, better output.

Sun Ce

Sun Ce, this hero move can be used to support or to escape. Anyway, I have seen many people play confrontation. If you find yourself being the target of the opponent, then most of the time, it is used to escape. In fact, What does this say? It’s still a bit of a loss. You want to know about Sun Ce’s big move. He has a strong ability to open up. However, in the process of escaping, there are also opportunities. For example, if you find that the other party grabs you, and then you sail directly to the middle to open up, this is also possible. Not much of a problem.

Li Bai

Li Bai, if this hero wants to escape, the opponent is really difficult to catch, because although he said it is relatively weak, everyone who has played should understand that it is this hero. There are two displacement skills, plus the non-selectable effect, it is really difficult for the opponent to catch Li Bai. Of course, you want to understand your displacement skills, and sometimes run back to the place, so don’t mindlessly press the skills, according to the actual situation When choosing a skill effect, it is best to deceive the opponent’s flash, so the opponent’s mentality may collapse directly.

Han Xin

I don’t know what you think of Han Xin as a hero, because in the old version, many people used such a hero to play the so-called tower stealing process, it felt cool, but heroes can steal towers, not because of their high damage, but because of them Escape is strong, if the opponent wants to catch him, or it is a little difficult, now Han Xin’s hero escape ability still exists, usually, as long as Han Xin keeps trying to escape, most heroes can’t catch up with him, unless he can control him until death, but this kind of There are relatively few heroes.

Big Joe

Do you like to play Hero Big Joe? In fact, Da Joe is sometimes very outrageous, because his escape ability is absolutely the highest. One or two skills go directly back to the spring. The key is that sometimes he doesn’t run away and calls his teammates directly. If he wants to catch it, one person must be dangerous, two people may not be able to fight, if they both go, then several other big Joe teammates may demolish the tower, so once big Joe wants to be disgusted, he can also use his own Escape tricks to disgust the other person.