King of Glory: Mastering the timing and flexible output, the heart of the eternal night – Haiyue gameplay ideas

The Heart of Eternal Night – Haiyue is the first new hero launched in the S29 season. This hero not only has an excellent appearance design, but also has a very flexible skill release mechanism, coupled with a well-designed background story, which really attracts a lot of people. player. So, how do we play this hero well? Below is a brief introduction to the idea!

Mastering the passive can control the output

The output of Haiyue is closely related to its passive skills. When the first and second skills are released, the moon disk will be consumed. When the skill hits the enemy unit, a mark will be applied, and the effect of the mark applied by different skills is also different. For example, hitting the imprint of the first skill will cause additional true damage, and hitting the second skill imprint will stun the opponent while gaining a shield and movement speed bonus. After all the moon disks are played, Haiyue will get an enhanced basic attack. If all three orbs hit, the damage is quite good.

However, there will be a 5-second skill vacuum period after the moon disk is fully consumed. During this period, Haiyue’s ability to survive and output is very weak, so you need to be careful.

Haiyue’s first skill is a long-distance AOE skill, which can be regarded as the hero’s main consumption method. Because this skill can be blessed with passive effects, the first-level Haiyue combat power and team ability are very strong, and can be used to invade wild areas and quickly clear the line.

Haiyue’s second skill is a functional skill, which can not only deal damage, but also provide movement speed and shield. Under normal circumstances, Haiyue has a strong anti-GANK ability after level 2. Seeing the opponent’s jungler directly starts with the second skill, after starting the hand, he can either take the first skill and the second skill to deal continuous damage and control, or he can Take two skills twice in a row to ensure survival.

Haiyue’s three skills are special. This skill only needs 1.5 seconds of guidance to pull the enemy into an illusion that lasts for 7 seconds and force 1V1. This skill of Haiyue is quite core. It can not only provide damage reduction and shielding, but also provide displacement and cooling reduction in illusion.

Flexibly release combos to control the opponent’s core

Haiyue has a lot of laning combos, some combos can increase consumption, while others can provide control. For example, you can choose 121A for the line combo. This combo can produce extremely high output as long as it hits the opponent. If the opponent is already in an unhealthy state at this time, you can also use the ultimate move to pursue it.

When encountering opponents GANK or fleeing with residual blood, you can directly use the 222A combo. This combo can not only increase the movement speed and shield, but also stun twice for 0.5 seconds, which can quickly leave the battlefield.

If you are at a disadvantage, you can also use the ultra-long-range 111 combo. Although this combo is difficult to hit others, it is very useful for defending towers and clearing lines. However, after using this combo, Haiyue will enter a 5-second skill vacuum period. At this time, you need to find a safe place to hide and wait for the skill CD.

Equipment selection and group play ideas

There are two types of equipment options for Haiyue, one is the CD output stream, and the other is the half-meat control stream, which can be flexibly switched according to the battlefield situation. If the opponent’s lineup is relatively short, you can use the CD genre to fill up the output, and rely on the ultra-long range of the first skill to consume the opponent. Even if you are targeted by the rushing hero, you can use the third skill to pull the opponent into the illusion, and use the 2232 combo to move flexibly. bit, to evade raids.

Of course, the builds recommended by the great god are mainly half-meat CD flow and blood-returning blood, but these two builds are more inclined to “tool people”. If the team does not lack damage, you can follow the above recommended builds and throw them in a group. The 111A skill is followed by a big move to control the opponent’s core position, forming a situation of playing more and less and Tian Ji’s horse racing.

Another way of thinking is that Haiyue goes to the auxiliary position (this is also the reason why Haiyue is banned in high-end games). Although Haiyue does not have a recovery skill, the length of the first skill is far greater than the range of a conventional shooter, and its laning consumption is relatively strong, and it is very good for short hands without recovery assistance.

Auxiliary equipment recommends the combination of the wolf emblem and the ninja feet. The wolf emblem can help Haiyue quickly approach the opponent’s C position, and use the three skills to avoid injury to pull him into the illusion. After entering the illusion, use the 2232A skill to combo kite The opponent is seven seconds to ensure survival. After all, in the current team battle environment, whether there is a C-position shooter is enough to affect the outcome of a team battle.

If there is only one opponent left to defend the tower and clear the line, at this time, let Haiyue drive the wolf to control the ultimate move, and you can push the base without pressure. Of course, if you are brave enough, you can also use your ultimate move to control the opponent’s jungle when the opponent is playing key jungle resources, so that the opponent can’t use punishment.


In general, Haiyue is a fairly flexible hero, she not only has the ability to clear the line, but also has certain control and life-saving abilities. If your lineup is not lacking in damage, then using Haiyue to play the mid laner and the “tool man” equipment can greatly improve the fault tolerance rate of teamfights. If the opponent’s lineup has fewer core C positions, you can also use Haiyue to assist, and use the ultimate move to control the opponent’s core C position to ensure team battle victory.