King of Glory I don’t know if Huowu Feiyuexing is a limited skin, the introduction of Guiguzi’s five-grain harvest skin lines

Hello everyone, I don’t know if the Fire Dance Fei Yue Xing is a limited edition, will Fei Yue Xing be taken off the shelves? The legendary skin of the King of Glory Shiranui Dance has been exposed, and many players want to know whether the skin is limited to Fei Yuexing and when it will be removed from the shelves, so the editor will take you to find out today.

The glory of the king is not a limited skin

Mai Shiranui’s new skin Hiyuki Xing is a limited-edition skin, Mai Shiranui’s Fei Yue Xing skin and Tachibana Ukyo’s Maple Frost Jin, Na Ke Lulu’s former dust mirror are all skins belonging to the [Ancient and Modern Story] series, this series of skins All are limited skins, players who like this series of skins should hurry up and buy them.

Shelf time: October 29 to December 29, 2022

Skin Quality: Legendary Limited

Skin price: 1788 points

First week price: 1430 points

All in all, Mai Shiranui’s new skin Hizuki Xing is a limited skin. It will be released on October 29, 2022, and will be removed from the shelves on December 29, 2022. Players who like this skin should consider whether to buy it or not as soon as possible.

What are the lines of the King’s Glory Guiguzi Wugu Fengnian skin? The 7th anniversary limited skin of King’s Glory Wugu Fengnian has been launched in the game, and you can get it for free by participating in the event. So what are the lines of Guiguzi Wugu Fengnian? The editor will bring you today. Here comes the Guiguzi Wugu Fengnian Skin Line Voice Daquan, let’s take a look.

The glory of the king

skin voice

regular lines

Integrate the creation of heaven and earth, and the hard work of Huinong people

The Danque carries the five ears, and the world begins to prosper

Looking for Jiahe, helping the common people

When observing the sky, use the land and manage the fields diligently

The climate fluctuates, yin and yang ebb and flow

A ray of spring sunshine, two sides of the soil, rain and dew pattered three or four times

The people are the foundation, the food is the people’s day, the warehouse is rich and the society is safe

Drain the nine waters to stop flooding, and between mountains and forests

Push the cold and heat away, count the shortage, and grant the farming season

He just passed by the world, but left the seeds

Hold on!

Grant farming!

Ji God bless!

It’s four o’clock!

One year old reincarnation!

Golden Autumn Roll Rice Waves

Autumn and winter collection~

Farming is the foundation, teach the world widely~

Originated from heaven and earth, hidden in nature

Easter egg lines

The four bodies are not diligent, and the five grains are not divided

The festival is approaching, where can I get the good seeds?

Both excellent and rich

Danque has a letter, Jiasui Lianyun

Return to him…The Great Wilderness

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