King of Glory: How to play Ah Li well in the new season? Learn these ten skills well, and the umbrella will fall out of the leaves, very elegant

Gongsun Li, as a handsome and hurtful hero in the Canyon of Kings, how should he play? Let’s take a look at it together!

What are the ten must-learn skills for Gongsun Li in “Glory of the King”?

1. Because of Gongsun Li’s passive nature, every time we release a skill, throw an umbrella or retract an umbrella, we have to take a basic attack to maximize the damage.

2. Don’t rush back every time you release a skill. Your opponent often squats at your umbrella position. Be flexible and kite your opponent.

3. You can throw an umbrella behind you to leave a way out for yourself when you cross the tower and kill.

4. In an emergency, you can directly release the 2 skills, and sometimes there will be unexpected gains.

5. When the skill is on cooldown, use more basic attacks to reduce the cooldown time of the skill.

6. The spirit of the river must be well controlled. The three spirits of the river in the early stage are equivalent to a human head.

7. Pay attention to making up the knife. The extra gold coins for making up the knife can also add up to suppress the enemy on the line.

8. In your spare time, you can go to get the spirit of the river in the middle road. The mage in the middle road often wanders around, and the economy of the spirit of the river in the middle road often causes waste. We can pay more attention.

9. When the jungler goes to support, we can take the remaining wild monsters that he does not fight.

10. After releasing the skill, using the skill again will return to the position of the paper umbrella. When there is no paper umbrella in the hand, it will gain an additional 50 movement speed and shorten the basic attack interval by 20%.

In the current version of Glory of the King, what is Gongsun Li’s style of play? How to get dressed?

Gongsun Li should eat more lines, push towers, help his teammates more, and pay attention to his position when playing in groups; he should choose attack speed shoes, end times, dawn, endless, famous swords, ominous omen . Then play more heads-up with the opponent, and enter the field after the opponent’s skills are finished; you should use the rapid boots, endless, apocalyptic, ominous, dawn, and finally make up a resurrection armor or golden body. If you are careful, you can flash to the front of the enemy to deal basic attack damage, then release a big move to increase your own damage, and finally release a skill to return to your place. You can choose the endless blade, you can choose the shadow battle axe, you can choose cloth armor shoes, and then match the shadow blade, and then use a broken magic knife to buy the sage’s asylum. This depends on the situation

Okay, that’s it for today’s strategy, see you next time, bye~