King of Glory: Counterpoint restraint, hero targeting, do you know these three star-rushing tips?

At present, the S28 season has officially ended. After a season of tempering, the friends must have significantly improved in the hero pool, equipment ideas, and laning awareness. So, how to break through and soar to the sky in the S29 season? The answers you need may be hidden in these three tips.

Tip 1: Cleverly use the disabled link to give full play to your own advantages

We’ve all heard the famous saying of some e-sports gods that “some victories are doomed at the beginning of the game”. This famous saying usually refers to two aspects. On the one hand, it is the degree of understanding of the opponent and yourself, and understanding your strengths and opponents’ weaknesses. Through targeted selection, you can often get pretty good results. On the other hand, banning, banning opponents or heroes you are afraid of, also helps you play in the team.

In layman’s terms, the ban on selection of King’s Glory is a way to select people in a targeted manner. For example, if you want to play Jialuo, disabling Shield Mountain can make you play a pretty good output, and your team lineup is biased towards control, so it is definitely right to ban Zhuang Zhou. A good ban will not only create a good output environment, but also allow you to exert your real strength and lead to victory.

Tip 2: Pay attention to hero selection, lineup selection and restraint

In the Canyon of Kings, every hero has a weakness, and the floor position of the banning link can give full play to this advantage. For example, when you are facing multiple assassins and rushing into the lineup, it is difficult to guarantee your own survival with shooters such as Jia Luo, Luban No. 7, and Descendants. At this time, taking a Yu Ji will greatly improve the fault tolerance rate.

Don’t panic if you meet Yu Ji on Play Development Road. Although Yu Ji restrains regular shooters, if you choose Irene, she will have a headache for normal attacks with pure magic damage. Of course, you can also choose skilled shooters such as Baili Shoucheng and Sun Shangxiang to fight against her.

In addition to hero selection, lineups can also determine the direction of a game. For example, it would be good to choose a boost lineup consisting of “Li Xin, Milady, and Luban No. 7”.

Although this lineup has weak teamfighting ability, its early tower push ability is terrifying. Once you have them developed, you can grab people and push turrets while their shields are gone. If it is difficult for your team to clear the line, then this lineup can rush to the high ground without pressure, and then you can use the huge economic difference brought by the defensive tower to win the game.

Skill 3: Fully understand the equipment relationship, encourage and support teammates more

In addition to heroes and lineups in Kings Canyon, choosing the right equipment can also improve your output and fault tolerance.

For example, in the face of a lineup with more spells, warriors and archer heroes can use a magic-breaking knife to improve legal defense and increase the fault tolerance rate.

If facing Cai Wenji, Cheng Yaojin and other lineups, fighters and shooters can also use a “Blade of Sanction” to reduce their recovery effect.

If you are playing Zhou Yu, Wang Zhaojun, Xiao Qiao and other mages who mainly focus on AOE damage, you can also create a Nightmare Fang to restrain your opponent’s high recovery lineup.

For another example, if you play a shooter or a fighter, and you get a certain economic advantage in the early stage, you can become famous as a sword and commander to ensure your own survival.

In addition, it is the potential of every good player to go against the wind and not cast against the wind. Even if you encounter setbacks in the early stage, you can fill the gap by playing more and less and catching more people. However, it is best to try to avoid arguing when the wind is headed, and to encourage your teammates a lot is the best policy. After all, the core of Kings Canyon is to push towers and play groups. In the headwind phase, you can hold more groups and fight to contain them. During the downwind period, you can bring more towers and more defensive equipment.


Although it is difficult to get a star at the beginning of the season, as long as you cooperate well, fill your own disadvantages by banning selections, and go to battle in a way that promotes strengths and avoids weaknesses, you can easily break through the problem of difficult points. Moreover, passers-by players with good strength like people who can play teamwork. Even if the strength is not high, as long as they play the role of teamfighting, they can still make friends with “thighs”!