King glory S29 Guiguzi build guide, what is the name of the king’s seven-year classic song mix

Hello everyone, King of Glory S29 Guiguzi build guide, Guiguzi latest guide. The 7th anniversary limited skin of King Glory Guiguzi has been launched, so how does Guiguzi build in the S29 season? Many friends don’t know yet. The editor will bring you Guiguzi’s latest build inscription in this issue. Let’s take a look at the King’s Glory. S29 Guiguzi build guide related content.

King glory S29 how to make Guiguzi

1. S29 Guiguzi Outfit Recommendation

Sprinting shoes + yellow shield + running wolf + extreme cold storm + resistance shoes + witch, the shoes can be replaced according to the situation in the later stage.

2. S29 Guiguzi Inscription Recommendation

10 Hunting, 10 Void, 10 Nightmare

3. Other Recommendations

Main skill, with flash

The above is the guide on how to make the King of Glory S29 Guiguzi, I hope these contents can be helpful to everyone.

What is the name of the classic song mix of the seven years of the king’s glory, do you know?

King’s glory daily question

1. What is the name of the classic song of the seven years of the king?

Answer: WZ King’s Memory

2. Extended reading

Wang Zhaojun Voice of the Stars skin story:

In “King of Glory”, Wang Zhaojun heroically expressed a character of Princess Hanmei who is still in love with her hometown. When the skin was launched through the global selection plan, the narrative combined the hero’s character base “homesickness” theme and the skin’s cosmic star dome and other elements, with the theme of “singing through the star dome, echoing in the hometown”, re-interpreted The story of this skin-

Born on a remote planet, she could hear and sing the melody of every star since she was a child. The first song she learned came from her home planet, and when she sang, the fluorescent substances in the atmosphere would still reflect on her from afar.

Her special talent quickly spread her fame throughout the galaxy, she began to receive invitations from different planets, and the places she went to became more and more prosperous, becoming the most dazzling cosmic singer. But I don’t know when it started, her happiness dwindled, and the voice in her ears was no longer pleasant. I heard that the stars gather in the Eternal Land, maybe there will be the most moving music there?

On the huge stage, she heard the melody from the stars, it was a very strange rhythm, but… it was still not the most moving melody in her heart.

She turned around in disappointment, but in the corner of her vision, she saw a meteor piercing into the distant sky. At the end of its journey, a faint spot of light loomed, and that was her home star, which was already light-years away. At that moment, Xinghe was silent, and there seemed to be a sound that exploded in the singer’s ear.

It was the melody she had been looking for, the melody that had accompanied her since she was born, and belonged to her hometown.

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