King Glory 7th Anniversary Skin Return Voting Begins

Hello everyone, it has been more than seven years since the public beta of Glory of Kings, and it is now in the S29 season. I believe everyone is very familiar with this game. We all know that in addition to a lot of welfare activities, the official will have limited skins to return for the annual anniversary, because there are very few opportunities for limited skins to return, so the return of limited skins for the anniversary is also a success. It’s an event that everyone cares about the most.

On the 28th, the limited skin return voting for the seventh anniversary celebration was officially opened. There are a total of 29 skins participating in the voting, five of which are legendary limited skins, namely: Zhuge Liang’s Shi Yutian Division, Gongsun Li’s Qixue Lingzhu, Sun Shangxiang’s Spiritual Deed from the Other World, and Hua Mulan and Lanling King’s Valentine’s Day limited tacit confrontation. In addition to these legendary limited skins, Sun Wukong’s Sun Xingzhe and Zhao Yun’s Dragon Da Qiao’s Bai Heliang Goddess, Diao Chan’s meeting Hu Xuan, and Honeymoon’s Bai Jingjing are also among them.

The voting time is: October 28-November 3, and on the first day of voting, there was a fault-like gap in the voting situation of the skin. As of 1:30 p.m. on the 28th, Sun Wukong’s Sun Xingzhe had nearly 470,000 votes, and Yaoyao took the lead, leading the voting list. The second place is Sun Shangxiang’s Spirit Deed from the Other World, with nearly 270,000 votes, about 200,000 votes behind Sun Wukong’s Sun Xingzhe, and the third is Zhuge Liang’s Shi Yutian Division, with around 240,000 votes.

In addition, Diaochan’s meeting with Hu Xuan also received 236,000 votes, temporarily ranking third. What is more surprising is that the fourth place is actually Dian Wei’s Daizong, with around 180,000 votes, and Gongsun is fifth. Qi Xueling, who left, received about 157,000 votes.

However, Mi Yue’s Bai Jingjing, Zhen Ji’s You Heng, Han Xin’s Fei Heng, Zhao Yun’s Gentian, and Da Qiao’s Bai Heliang Goddess, who were very popular before, did not have very high votes, while Lanling King and Hua Mulan’s Valentine’s Day The limited skin tacit confrontation, the number of votes did not exceed 70,000. And the lowest number of votes was Cao Cao’s Sirius Conqueror, with only 20,000 votes.

At present, the voting activity has been opened, and each player can get three voting coupons every day, one can be obtained by logging into the game, one can also be obtained by participating in a 5V5 match once a day, and one voting coupon can also be obtained after participating in one vote. open.

In addition to three votes per player per day, we can also canvass for our favorite skins, and we can also gift votes for designated skins to our friends, or on public channels.

Judging from the situation on the first day of voting, the chance of monkeys returning this year is very high. In addition, the second place is likely to be born between Sun Shangxiang’s spiritual deed, Diao Chan’s meeting Hu Xuan and Zhuge Liang’s Shi Yutian Si. Dian Wei’s Daizong is very likely to become a dark horse and get a place between the 3rd and 5th place. By the way, guys, who did you vote for? Welcome to leave a message to discuss!