Kerr explained that Cuminga’s playing time has been reduced and he can only play at the 4 position

  On October 30, Beijing time, Kuminga’s playing time in the new season was reduced. Coach Kerr explained that he will continue to play the No. 4 position. The competition is fierce, so the time is limited.

  Last season, Cuminga started regularly, averaging nearly 17 minutes per game, and this season, it dropped to 10.8 minutes.

  As a young player, he is the focus of the Warriors’ training, but it is puzzling that he does not get playing time.

  ”He’s playing the 4 now, and technically, he has room to improve,” Kerr said. “In the future, he may play the 3 or the 4, but right now, our team needs space, so let him Play the 4.”

  At the same time, Kerr said that the Warriors are the defending champions, and the time allocation cannot be too arbitrary. As long as Kuminga keeps exercising and keeps improving, he will be used one day.

  At the 3, Cuminga doesn’t play much, but Kerr still lets him play power forward. Looney and Poole were unable to enter the rotation for a while, but through hard work, they are now important players. Kerr wants Cuminga to learn from them. (Angkor)

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