Kenya’s wins have surpassed last season’s Li Nan single-handedly built a defensive iron army

  Beijing time on October 28th, in the 8th round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Suzhou Kendia team narrowly defeated the Liaoning team 91-90.

  After this campaign, the Kendia team won 6 wins and 2 losses in 8 games, and rose to the second place in the standings, second only to the Zhejiang team who won 7 games.

  You know, the Kenyan team won a total of 5 games last season, ranking 18th with 5 wins and 33 losses; in the 20-21 season, ranking 19th with 8 wins and 46 losses; in the 19-20 season, ranking 15th with 17 wins and 29 losses. The last few seasons have been an outright underdog.

  Li Nan’s team performance did not improve last season. Few people could expect the Kenyan team’s performance to take off this season. In addition to enjoying the foreign aid policy of 4 quarters and 5 people, Li Nan’s defensive skills for the team also played an important role. big effect.

  Although the Kenyan team won 5 wins and 33 losses last season, it only allowed 99.18 points per game, surpassing 11 teams. The foundation of the team’s defense has been laid.

  This season, the Kenyan team has gone a step further in defense, giving up 89 points per game, ranking first in the league in opponent offensive rebounding percentage with only 26.1%, and ranking sixth in the league in opponent effective shooting percentage of 47.4%. It can be said that the strong foreign aid and the solid defensive system are the two main reasons for the rapid progress of the Kenyan team. Li Nan is gradually turning the Kenyan team into an iron army with a tenacious and determined style.

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