Kaiyi Kunlun officially went offline, and the blockbuster blind ordering rights set off a boom in ordering

On October 25th, Kaiyi Motors, “Overview of the Universe, Turned Out” – Kaiyi Kunlun Offline Ceremony and Blind Order Opening Ceremony was grandly held in the smart factory. Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., Kaiyi Automobile, Huawei, Tencent Smart Mobility and other relevant leaders, as well as the heads of various functional departments of Kaiyi Automobile, user representatives, dealer representatives, supplier partners and many media witnesses this historical moment.

As a large-scale emerging industrial enterprise supported, developed and built by the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Yibin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Kaiyi Automobile is the leading engine for Yibin to build a 100 billion-level automobile industry, and actively undertakes Yibin’s “two-wheel drive” strategy responsibilities in it.

In recent years, Kaiyi Motors has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and released a new brand strategy at the World Power Battery Conference in July this year, and unveiled a number of new car models, including Kaiyi Kunlun. At the event site, Gao Lei, general manager of Kaiyi Automobile, invited representatives from all parties to jointly open the start-up device of Kaiyi Kunlun No. 001 car, which marked the official roll-off of Kunlun and entered the mass production stage.

According to reports, Kunlun is the first model of Kaiyi’s new advanced modular architecture i-FA platform. There are five colors to choose from, 1.6T and 2.0T super power, equipped with Tencent TAI 4.0 smart cockpit, Huawei hi car Ecology, 5+2 seat layout, hidden door handle, organ accelerator pedal, 540° panoramic image and many other high-end configurations of the same-class models, provide users with more intelligent terminal human-computer interaction experience.

With the surprise of Kunlun’s offline, He Yongping, general manager of Kaiyi Automobile Sales Company, released the brand’s new digital platform – Kaiyi Auto APP at the event site, and launched Kaiyi Kunlun blind subscription, announcing heavy blind subscription rights. Users who participate in Kunlun Blind Booking can enjoy 8 basic rights and interests, including “reward value-added gift”, “good fortune gift” and “overjoyed gift” with a deposit of 99 yuan, including KAIYIlife 5,000 points, 50,000 points for car purchase, and lifetime vehicle warranty; deposit 399 Yuan, KAIYIlife points are upgraded to 10,000, and a “custom collection gift” Kunlun custom car model is also given; the deposit is 999 yuan, and you can enjoy a “once in a lifetime gift” – 0 yuan purchase 5 years 10 times of maintenance.

Different from other brand user platforms that focus on the attribute of “playing”, Kaiyi Auto APP has strong practicality and adheres to the business philosophy of “digital ecology, user co-creation”. Users will build a brand new digital car-loving platform that is managed by users, co-built by users, shared by users, and operated by users. In the link between people, cars, life and the Internet, we will open a new era of digital life for Kaiyi Faner and create a better future. travel life.