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Hubei Jingshi·United·Aerial Fitness

Special launch of “Autumn Fat Battle” event

 “Fitness Lover” 

Only a few days since the event

There are many photos of fitness experts in the background

Some also have text

“I don’t feel well if I don’t exercise for a day”

(Editor: I don’t exercise every day, and it’s quite comfortable)

Don’t be intimidated by these fitness experts

Home fitness is also very good!

It is also fun to do gymnastics with family

Exercise with your child at home

A family of three is still happy

You can lift kettlebells seriously at home

All of the above come from

Hubei Jingshi fans who participated in this event

in addition

the long awaited

Hubei Jingshi “Autumn Fat Battle”

Online fitness live class

Officially open tonight at 7:00-8:00

want to exercise at home

Questions about fitness

can be rushed

Hubei Economic Television’s “Autumn Fat Battle” online fitness live class

[Live Class]: Basic Fat Burning Aerobics

[Live broadcast time]: October 28, 7:00-8:00 pm

【Coach introduction】: Du Du, special coach of “air fitness”, national first-level athlete, top ten coaches in the country, 20 years of fitness experience, won the China CBBA fitness instructor in 2004, and the American Eats national professional fitness coach. China’s Got Talent, Dream Dance, Boys and Girls Rush Forward, Brave Forward, Beautiful New Anchor and many other TV station variety shows dance shape teacher.

Friends who haven’t joined the group yet

Hurry up and get in the car

Take an online fitness class together

There are also various surprise benefits in the group


In the “Autumn Fat Battle” event

Of course not without our ultimate popularity award

 The event’s final online selection 

 Top ten most popular 

 You can also get a VIP spree from Air Fitness 

The first place: a VIP annual card worth 5,888 yuan

Second place: a VIP annual card worth 3,888 yuan per store

Third place: a VIP half-year card worth 2,500 yuan per store

4th – 6th place: a VIP season card worth 1,500 yuan per store

7th – 10th: One VIP monthly card worth 1,000 yuan per store 

How to participate in the registration?

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Exercise with the coach!

Let’s reduce autumn fat together, let’s go duck!

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