Junlebao’s first 2 times native calcium adult milk powder launched

Beijing Business Daily News (Reporter Guo Xiujuan Zhang Han) On October 28, Junlebao launched Lecalcium milk calcium formula milk powder for middle-aged and elderly people with a native calcium content of 1200mg/100g. Statistics show that there are more than 7 million new osteoporosis patients in my country every year. The “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline clearly proposes to carry out a special campaign for “healthy bones”, and scientific calcium supplementation has become a major cause related to national health.

According to reports, 100% of Lecalcium milk powder uses raw milk calcium, and the milk calcium content is as high as 1200mg/100g, which is more than 2 times that of similar products. “The key to calcium supplementation is the source of calcium.” Chen Jian, director of the Department of Osteoarthritis, Peking University People’s Hospital, said that the absorption rate of milk calcium is 2.5 times that of calcium carbonate and calcium gluconate, and 1.75 times that of calcium lactate. In addition, Le Calcium adult milk powder has also obtained the low GI certification. GI is the glycemic index. Studies have shown that low GI foods have the characteristics of slow digestion, and the response of postprandial blood sugar and insulin levels is relatively stable, which is in line with the needs of people with sugar control.

Liu Senmiao, vice president of Junlebao Dairy Group and general manager of the milk powder business department, said that Junlebao will use the process, equipment, research and development, and technology of infant milk powder to make adult milk powder.

It is understood that Junlebao milk powder entered the infant formula market in 2014. Subsequently, Junlebao milk powder gradually extended its exploration perspective from infant nutrition to nutrition for all ages and whole life cycle. To this end, the Junlebao adult milk powder brand product line has been comprehensively innovated and upgraded. Le Calcium milk calcium formula milk powder for middle-aged and elderly people is the first product after the brand renewal and self-sublimation of Junlebao adult milk powder. In the future, Junlebao will continue to focus on nutrition precision, functionalization and scientific development, and lead the accelerated development of the adult milk powder market with a perfect product matrix.