Junlebao Liu Senmiao reveals the secret: there are three kinds of adult fans! Le Calcium takes the lead, do the head when you want to do it!

“Some people say that Junlebao is so good at making baby milk powder, why should it enter the adult milk powder market?”

“If we want to do it, we must make products that can promote the better development of this industry. If we can’t, we will not make such products”!

——Liu Senmiao, Junlebao Group

“Calcium supplementation against osteoporosis has become a very serious social problem”;

“Stay away from tobacco, alcohol and carbonated drinks. I have emphasized many times that carbonated drinks can be drunk, but they cannot be eaten for a long time. They cannot be placed on the table as a drink every day, with milk or water.”

——Wu Tao , Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University

“Let everyone who contributes drink good milk powder.” On October 28th, Junlebao held the launch of the first 2 times native calcium milk powder online and the Junlebao adult milk powder brand refresh conference. It was not so much a new product launch, but a science knowledge release meeting.

It is worth noting that Junlebao launched this 1200mg/100g native calcium calcium formula milk powder for middle-aged and elderly milk calcium, which refreshes the public’s calcium supplementation cognition with “2 times the original calcium, absorption source power” and redefines adult milk powder. A new era of professional nutrition. At the same time, the Junlebao adult milk powder brand officially launched a new upgrade, with the vision of “professional nutrition, caring for every step of life” to help improve the health level of the whole life cycle.

1.2 times the original Calcium Calcium was launched, and entered the adult fan segment

“Actually, I have been thinking about becoming an adult milk powder for several years. I thought that my parents were young when I was a child, but the living conditions were not good. Now that the conditions are good, I should consider how to make the elderly eat better products,” said Liu Senmiao. “I couldn’t sleep well for a while, and I just thought about how to make this industry bigger.”

Statistics show that there are more than 7 million new osteoporosis patients in my country every year. The “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline clearly proposes to carry out a special campaign for “healthy bones”, and scientific calcium supplementation has become a major cause related to national health. In addition, people over the age of 35 are the backbone of the family, workplace and society, and scientific research has found that the bone strength of the human body reaches its peak around the age of 35, so calcium should be supplemented as soon as possible to reduce calcium loss and prevent osteoporosis and more serious the occurrence of complications.

Finally, based on the deep insight into the demand for calcium nutritional supplements, the Junlebao milk powder team led by Liu Senmiao launched the first 2 times native calcium calcium for middle-aged and elderly milk calcium formula milk powder. It is reported that 100% of Lecalcium milk powder uses raw milk calcium, and the milk calcium content is as high as 1200mg/100g, which is more than twice that of similar products.

“The key to calcium supplementation is the source of calcium,” said Chen Jian, director of the Department of Osteoarthritis, Peking University People’s Hospital . The absorption rate of milk calcium is 2.5 times that of calcium carbonate and calcium gluconate, and 1.75 times that of calcium lactate.

Wu Tao, chief physician of the Department of Orthopedics at the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, also said that a survey conducted by the National Health and Health Commission in 2018 pointed out that 19.2% of people over 50 years old in China have osteoporosis; while those over 65 years old have osteoporosis The prevalence rate is as high as 32%, which has become a very important problem for elderly patients.

“So calcium supplementation to fight osteoporosis has become a very serious social problem,” Wu Tao said: How to supplement calcium? Calcium carbonate, which is widely used on the market, has a very low solubility, while milk calcium is a natural source of calcium and has a good absorption rate.

Since milk calcium is good, why is there a lack of milk calcium supplementation products on the market? Perhaps Liu Senmiao’s words can explain the reason: only 6 grams of natural milk calcium can be extracted per 1000 grams of animal milk, which is very expensive.

According to Junlebao, Lecalcium adult milk powder has also obtained low GI certification. GI is the glycemic index. Studies have shown that low GI foods have the characteristics of slow digestion, and the response of postprandial blood sugar and insulin levels is relatively stable, which is in line with the needs of people with sugar control.

2. Produce adult powder with baby powder configuration, and make the head

“Some people say that Junlebao is so good at making baby milk powder, why do you want to enter the adult milk powder market?” At the press conference, Liu Senmiao, general manager of Junlebao’s milk powder business department, directly said three points: first, Junlebao Group has this strength; Second, consumers have needs; third, as an enterprise, it has such social responsibility.

Speaking of strength, in fact, it is almost known in the industry that Junlebao has pioneered two models. The first is the integrated model of the whole industry chain, which is an integrated model from forage planting, dairy cattle breeding to production and processing. “This model is a subversion of the industry,” said Liu Senmiao. In the past, milk powder was mainly produced by collecting milk from retail customers. Now Junlebao has realized infant milk powder and fresh milk, and 100% of each drop is its own milk source. In addition, Junlebao has pioneered the “five world-class” model, that is, using world-class research and development, world-class advanced pastures, world-class leading factories, world-class suppliers and world-class food safety management system to ensure The products are of high quality and produce world-class good milk powder.

“The production requirement of infant milk powder is the same as that of medicines, and the formula registration system is required. In the field of infant milk powder, Junlebao has won the favor of 4 million mothers every day, and has become the leading brand in national sales,” Liu Senmiao said. The process, equipment, R&D, and technology of infant milk powder make adult milk powder, so that everyone who contributes can drink good milk powder, thus greatly promoting the development of the adult milk powder industry.

Liu Senmiao also cited a set of data: there are only 40 to 50 million infants and young children, and the market scale has reached 100 billion. There are 6.7 billion adults in my country, but the scale of adult milk powder is only 20 billion. Every year, there are 7 million new osteoporosis patients. Patients, the market space is very large.

“Therefore, we have to be the head of milk powder; we have to make products that can promote the better development of this industry”, Liu Senmiao said on the spot: “We hope that the listing of our milk calcium will be a part of Junlebao’s adult milk powder. A big step, and hopefully a big step for the adult milk powder industry.”

3. There are many misunderstandings about calcium supplementation in the public, and nutrition should be extended to all age groups

It is reasonable to note that the press conference is more like a science conference.

When it comes to adult calcium supplementation, in fact, ordinary people have many misunderstandings. At the press conference, Wu Tao said that the thick and white bone broth boiled is fat and cannot achieve the effect of calcium supplementation; the calcium content in shrimp skin is indeed very high, but it is not easy to absorb as a kind of calcium carbonate.

Wu Tao also gave a special example. In fact, in addition to middle-aged and elderly people with osteoporosis, he once treated a 21-year-old college student.

Wu Tao introduced that the college student broke a bone after a fall while playing basketball. It is normal to play and wrestle, not to mention the golden age of 21 years old. The final examination turned out to be osteoporosis. Finally, I communicated with the mother of the child and learned that the child was reluctant to drink water since he was a child, and liked to drink carbonated beverages until he went to college.

“Later, I also suggested to the patient to replace carbonated drinks with milk.” Wu Tao said that carbonated drinks should not be used as a drink for a long time. You can drink a little at family gatherings or dinners with friends, but not as a daily drink. A drink served on the dining table, replaced by milk or water.

Obviously, calcium supplementation is not only the needs of middle-aged and elderly people. With the help of this conference, Liu Senmiao also announced that the Junlebao adult milk powder brand has been officially renewed and upgraded: it will take care of every step of life with professional nutrition, and provide customized and comprehensive nutritional support for people of all ages.

As a leading domestic milk powder brand, Junlebao milk powder entered the infant formula market in 2014, and achieved a national sales leader with a 10-fold industry-leading growth rate. Out of great emphasis on national health, Junlebao milk powder has gradually extended its exploration perspective from infant nutrition to nutrition for all ages and whole life cycle. According to reports, the Lecalcium milk calcium formula milk powder for middle-aged and elderly people is the first product of Junlebao’s adult milk powder brand after the renewal and self-sublimation. Liu Senmiao said that in the future, Junlebao will continue to gain insight into consumer demand, make efforts in scientific research and innovation, and continue to make efforts for precise, functional and scientific nutrition, and provide more healthy nutrition choices for people of all ages with a high-quality product matrix. .