“Journey to the West” movie reset ending? Linked to “Magic Pocket Edition” to continue writing classics

“Journey to the West” movie reset ending? Linked to “Magic Pocket Edition” to continue writing classics

“This Zixia is too similar!”

“This scene, this degree of restoration, Ye Qing is back!”

Recently, “Magic Pocket Edition” has released a new short film “Westward Journey to the West” in collaboration with the movie “Journey to the West”. In addition to people’s delight, the high production level of the short film has detonated the discussion between fans and players – the ultra-reductive character image, the remake of the original filming location, and the combination of Zixia Fairy and avatar. Brain hole innovation… How many surprises does this short film bring? Enter the official public account and video account of “Magic Pocket Edition” to see more exciting stories!

Video link of the story of Journey to the West: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTkwOTA5NDQ0MA==.html

Fairy Zixia continues to write romantic classic scenes perfectly restored

In the “Westward Journey to the West Side Story”, Fairy Zixia and the Supreme Treasure carried the youthful feelings of a generation of players across the continent of Yat. The three live-action short films continue the nonsensical style of the movie “Journey to the West”, reinterpreting the story of Zixia’s journey through, taking risks, and finally reuniting with the Supreme Treasure, and the ending of Zixia and the Supreme Treasure getting married is even more complete. Players have had an uneasy dream for many years. The other two short films use the avatar of the Zixia Fairy as the protagonist. Through the combination of reality and reality and the humorous plot, people feel the innocence and romance of Zixia, especially the classic interpretation of the dancing avatar of the Zixia Fairy. Beyond the character performance in the original work, it innovatively shows Zixia’s softness and gracefulness, which is refreshing.

The filming of this extra part, “Magic Domain Pocket Edition” can be described as a lot of hard work: first of all, in terms of casting, “Little Feather” who plays Zixia’s frown and smile can be said to be a perfect replica of Zixia Fairy. With the blessing of Hua and Dao, it is just like the moving appearance of the audience when they first saw Zixia; in addition, this short film was also filmed in Zhenbeibao Film and Television City, the original filming location of the film. It has not changed after 27 years, and it pays tribute to the youthful feelings of a generation across time and space; and the addition of the virtual Zixia is a bold attempt to deeply capture the character’s characteristics and deconstruct the possibility of character innovation.

When games, virtuality and reality are blended in the world of “Magic Pocket Edition”, the diverse expressive power of the game carrier is fully utilized, making it possible to immerse and interact with the characters in the play, which is difficult to achieve in reality; at the same time, through multiple forms of expression It awakens the classic memories of players, and brings a more brilliant game experience through the emotional bonus of the two major IP linkages!

Zixia Supreme Treasure incarnates Eudemons and invites you to experience the happy ending

Does the extra part remind you of the good old days when you played “Magic Domain” and I watched “Journey to the West” in Internet cafes? Now log in to “Magic Domain Pocket Edition”, and you have the opportunity to relive those worry-free years!

Fairy Zixia and Supreme Treasure descended on the continent of Yat, incarnating as a national CP Eudemons to start an adventure with you. The supreme treasure, possessing the power of an unparalleled hero, has become a brand-new benchmark for both offense and defense. The powerful skill of the hair clone to reduce damage, control the field and protect yourself. Fairy Zixia has continued her powerful strength when she was singled out against Erlangshen and the Four Heavenly Kings. The Ziqing Sword did great damage. The two magic weapons, the Yinsuo Golden Bell and the Buddha’s Nian Lianhuan respectively, had the ability to immobilize the enemy and reduce the damage with the shield. Features, can be called the golden assistant in the team! Having the Supreme Treasure and the Zixia Fairy at the same time can also activate the ability bonus of both parties, and continue to write the love myth of the national CP!

At the same time, during the launch of the new expansion, not only can you experience the new interpretation of the plot of “Journey to the West” through a series of tasks, but also the awakening of the old professional dragon rider will bring you back to blood. One ride is a thousand to lead the dungeon racing competition, and won the gift of 100,000 magic stones! There are also rich benefits such as the fourth-order artifact, the floating light magic scroll, and the permanent appearance of the sign-in are invited to share with you!

In addition, the “Voice of the Devil” dubbing competition is also coming to an end. Entering the public account to participate in the dubbing activities will have the opportunity to win the fancy prize of the joint wireless mechanical keyboard and the star gift box water cup; the voting rankings also have rare fashions and mounts waiting for you to collect !

A generation of classics has never ended, and the unparalleled love continues to write the leading edge. Want to know how Zixia Fairy and Supreme Treasure ushered in a perfect love? Download the “Magic Pocket Edition” to experience the game, or pay attention to the official public account and video account, and more follow-up stories will be announced for you one by one!