Journey to the West 2: Iteration of the masters of the demon clan, “Jiao Demon King” is about to replace “King Zang”

I don’t know if you have paid attention to the recent official update announcements. One of them is quite eye-catching. The head of the Demon Masters, which has lasted for many years, is now going to change their image by the development team. To put it simply, it is an update of an NPC, but for no reason, the official is unlikely to do such a meaningless thing.

So what is the reason for this wave of adjustments by the development team? In this article, I will briefly discuss it with the big guys. I won’t say much, let’s chat while watching~

Master’s settings

The game is divided into 5 different races, each race can learn 4 different spells, and the role of the “Master of the Master” is to allow players to learn the spells of the sect and improve the corresponding spell proficiency. (Master task) Remember that since the concept of master gate, the roles of the heads of various races have not changed.

This time, the development team suddenly announced the replacement of the NPCs related to the demonic shock spell without any warning. It is said that in the underworld, the setting of “Kizang King” is quite in line with the cultural point of view and the background story setting of the game. After this wave of revisions, I personally feel that it is a bit nondescript.

“Jiao Demon King” replaced “Ksitigarbha King”

As shown in the picture: This is the official announcement, which said a lot of foreshadowing, and finally indicated that the NPC image would be replaced. I saw some people speculate that this should be that “Westward Journey 2” is facing copyright issues, and the official is unwilling to spend money to do it, so in desperation, they can only replace the name by themselves. It’s a bit similar to the collective name change of humanoid beasts in the past. The development team was unwilling to spend money to purchase copyrights with “Westward Journey”, which ultimately only led to their own game content becoming unrecognizable.

However, there is a problem that needs to be noted. There is no copyright problem in “Kidzo King”. It is regarded as the content of ancient Chinese culture. In the vernacular, it is the precious legacy left by the ancestors. As long as it is used reasonably, it will never be Any disputes arise.

It may be to pave the way for the follow-up “worldview”

Excluding the above reasons, then I guess that this wave of operations by the development team is likely to pave the way for the subsequent “game worldview”. In recent years, the game update speed is too fast, many background settings are disorganized, and even some settings are not necessarily clear to the officials themselves.

In addition, by the way, make a bold guess. According to the routine of the development team in recent years, if there is any update content, it must be inseparable from various krypton gold settings. From this point of view, the follow-up development team may make adjustments to some magic spells and related settings of the demon race, which may be…