Journey to the West 2: Inventory of those gang benefits that are too rich to explode! The reward of the reward hall is amazing

Recently, the Indiscriminate Championship has officially entered the pre-match preparation stage. On the 26th, the round-robin part of the Indiscriminate Championship will be ushered in. Some contestants are preparing for the battle. Fighting, the most important thing is that after the three gang battles are over, individual gangs will start a lottery for the reward hall. This is the most important thing for everyone. As for what can be drawn? Then it’s a complete look at the face. Today, I will talk with you all, and during the indiscriminate period, help and fight the lottery.

Everyone must have encountered the situation where the gang draws out the first-class prize book. Even if you haven’t drawn it yourself, you have seen that the friends who work with the gang have drawn it. Then you have seen 5 first-class prizes drawn at one time. The gang of the reward book? The gang members of this gang in front of them have drawn five first-class honors at one time. To be honest, from a distance, they are only envious.

The gang that issued 5 first-class honors is certainly arrogant, so have you ever seen a gang that puts a pair of lotus silk in the reward hall? You read that right, it is indeed a pair of level 3 lotus silk walking shoes. If this is drawn, I wonder if the winning friend will directly take the lotus silk to level 4?

Do you think that throwing a pair of lotus root silk in the merit hall is unbelievable, in fact, not only a pair of lotus root silk is placed in the gang’s merit hall, but before this, there are two pairs of lotus root silk leading the way, it is estimated that This should be the most arrogant gang in the entire network. What do you think about it, friends? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss, more exciting content, see you in the next issue.